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  1. Interior door panels

    Pictures have to be hosted on another site like Flickr. You insert the URL for the photos in your post and they are displayed on this site. There are several threads on how to do this.
  2. Ham Radio Install

    There is a section on removing the headliner, but it is involved. It is probably easier to remove the plastic buttons in the middle and carefully pull it down for limited access.
  3. I wonder if you use a thicker, dense foam or rubber mat you may not need the plywood base. http://www.americanfloormats.com/gym-mats/ There are a lot of options. I have an aversion to putting wood inside a vehicle so I would be motivated to try something else. Maybe the rubber weightlifting mats?
  4. You may want to consider using closed cell foam exercise mat material instead of carpet. Lots of options on Amazon. Maybe glue a thin layer of padding down first to keep the mats from moving?
  5. No extra transmission cooling. Probably due to the relatively low towing capacity. The factory tow package also includes a trailer electronic module that communicates the status of trailer lights and also activates some special anti sway safely programming. Do you know if this was included in the dealer's install?
  6. Power Port Question

  7. Delta Boost/ Turbo Transformer installed, reviewed

    No, the Delta Boost app is only for changing modes. The OBDII app "Torque" can display all engine parameters. I found this product on the ST forum. One of their members tested it on a dyno and confirmed it works and the engine runs perfectly. His only criticism is for a little more money you get a new tune that works even better.
  8. Sorry, I forgot I ordered some special cable ties. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M07A8CN/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B011LYJXXS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The ones with the cable tie attached come from China so delivery takes a while. The other ones are Amazon Prime and should work.
  9. Converted 2015 LWB Wagon into a Van

    A bike that nice deserves to ride inside. Yours will fit in the LWB easily. I use the same hitch rack when I have two bikes. As you know, you prevent a lot of problems with the bike inside. The factory fills the floor voids under the front seats with Styrofoam blocks. It is light, simple and sturdy. .
  10. For the few TC owners with 1.6L ecoboost engines there is a simple plug-in upgrade that will increase performance. The device plugs into the boost pressure sensor and allows the turbo boost pressure to be increased. The stock ecoboost tune shuts down the boost when the pressure is around 15 psi (per my brief testing). The boost module rescales the boost pressure signal so the ECU thinks 18 or 19 psi is the 14 psi shut down point. This is simple and effective. This increases torque and horsepower without modifying anything in the ECU. It leaves no warranty- voiding or emissions test-failing trace and installs in minutes. I wanted to install the Turbo Transformer, but it was out of stock and the company owner recommend a similar product by Flowmaster. I suspect Flowmaster may have purchased the technology from Turbo Transformer because the products are identical. I bought the Flowmaster Delta Boost Module. http://turbotransformer.com/ http://www.flowmastermufflers.com/performance-tuners/18102-flowmaster-delta-boost-module/?make=&year1=&model=&submodel=&engine=&category=&kw The most difficult part of the installation was locating the turbo boost pressure sensor. It is located in front of the left front wheel by the bottom of the radiator. Unplug the connector on the sensor and insert the Delta Boost Module. Tie wrap the box out of harms way. A phone app allows you to set the unit in valet, standard, sport or MAX mode. The app is clunky but it works. I made several 1/4 mile runs in various modes. THIS DATA IS NOT EXACT. The first, stock, runs were done a week prior and the other runs were on a windy day and I averaged runs to account for changes in wind and travel direction. Additionally the first run was on 87 octane and others were 91. I used an OBDII app for all measurements with the transmission in "S" mode with auto-shifting. 0-60 1/4 MILE BOOST(psi) Stock (87octane) 9.4 17.3 14.5 STANDARD mode 10.07 18.1 MAX mode 9.0 17.0 19.2 It is clear from driving the van that the extra boost increases horsepower and torque. I have driven about 2 weeks in the SPORT mode and it gives the van a noticeable boost without requiring 91 octane (Flow master warns that MAX mode must use 91). There is no pinging or other problems from using the module because the ECU properly controls all the functions required to properly run the engine. This modification gives you measurable gains. I have no desire to modify the tune, or the exhaust or the air intake but this modification is easy, effective and quickly reversible. FYI, I did not do a lot of test runs due to safety and logistic issues. Plus, I don't care about the exact numbers, I only wanted to see if there were relative, measurable differences. Now if Ford would only bring back the 1.6L engine to the US Transit Connect market....
  11. 17 lwb wagon interior lights

    Dbv, I thought about documenting all the LEDs I installed, but there are too many subjective variables. LEDs have color, angle, power and size choices. A cheap batch from Amazon or eBay will not work better then the incandescents. Go to superbrightleds and you will see the vast array of choices. You need different lights based on location. The dome lights need high lumens and wide light angle. The map lights should have a narrow beam etc. But this is my opinion/requirement and I don't think everyone will be as picky as me. Buy a couple different ones for the dome lights and see how you like them. Then move them to the other locations to see how they work. Use the technical data from the superbrightleds website to make subsequent choices. You don't need canbus lights for the interior lights.
  12. Replacing the battery in the 1.6L TC is worse: the dealer has to reset the battery monitor. This function controls power so you can't run the battery dead...Or so they claim. Maybe someone knows a way to reset this without having Ford hardware and software.
  13. dbv, The chassis is a proper ground, especially in a newer vehicle. A separate ground wire only increases the voltage drop. You also don't want to fuse the negative or ground leg. The + fuse at the battery protects all the wiring and it could be a problem if the ground leg opens while the + is hot. In high voltage applications this would be dangerous. Here it may only cause you to touch 12V.
  14. 2018 Transit Connect cargo

    This information sounds accurate. The cutoff for a custom order is this time of year. I just made the cutoff on my 2016 TC order this time last year. Just