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  1. If anyone wants to add daytime running lights (DRL), can you try Option #16 in Focccus: 16 - DRL 00 - not configured 01 - Standard dipped light 02 - Always dipped light except in Pos p 05 - RH symmetry 03 - unknown Please test option 2. I want the DRLs to turn off when the gear is in PARK. My TC came with DRLs that are on all the time. I don't want to risk losing the option (because it is unrecognized (03) and I can't be sure it will reload properly if I change it), but if you are adding DRL you don't have that worry. Some Focus owners have been unsuccessful enabling the DRL except in PARK function.
  2. digital speedometer

    Good work finding the source of the problem. My 2016 TC 1.6l has the digital speedo. They probably had to make special firmware to address the tsb and later integrated the changes differently in production vehicles. Keep the pressure on. I think you will get a response.
  3. Trans slipping

    No, diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) can only be read with a scanner or reader. The free program Forscan with an OBD2 adapter works.
  4. Trans slipping

    This has the symptoms of "limp" mode. Did you get a fault message? When there is a serious fault condition, the transmission goes into a high gear and the engine revs are limited. Cycling power may fix it if the cause was a temporary bad sensor reading. You need to read the DTC (not just the check engine) codes to see what happened.
  5. When the dealer updates the BCM it would make sense to have them also activate dark mode. We will have to wait for a late 2017 or 2018 owner to confirm the Forscan function.
  6. What is the status of this project? I hope you got it to work, but if not, I have been using some programs to change the computer settings in the TC that may be useful to you. One of the settings is the type of fog lights. Here is my post
  7. I saw a setting in Forscan for Approach Mode. It was under one of the module configuration tabs It was "on" in my application. I think this involves the exterior lights when the doors are unlocked and/or opened. You will need the extended license from Forscan to change this (I think it could be changed, but unsure what it will do). See my post for remote windows up. It has links to Forscan tutorials.
  8. digital speedometer

    I did not see the option to add options to the display in focccus.
  9. digital speedometer

    I have not seen a list of options the dealer can add because that is on their proprietary equipment. The program Focccus (used by Focus owners to make their own changes) shows some of what was available to Focus owners. You can download Focccus and run it without connecting it to a car to get an idea of what may be possible. Or simply ask the service tech what is available?
  10. digital speedometer

    It does appear that they changed your options. You will have to go back and have them correct the error. Think about other options you may want like daytime running lights, dark mode, etc. Those can be added during the same visit and you may be able to shame them into adding the options for free.
  11. Your TC must have the one touch window function on every window for the global open or close to work. I think global open is factory programmed on properly equipped vehicles
  12. Check the owners manual about TPMS. The Gen 2 TC has a reset/learn procedure.
  13. I don't think the procedure makes changes to the actual BCM programming. It changes a file with data that is used by the BCM and PCM to activate or modify already existing programming. The BCM/PCM interaction makes changes much more complex than the F150 programming. If a shop purchased the Ford hardware and paid the very expensive license fee, they should be able to turn on dark mode. The hacked applications like focccus and foscan don't have a way to update the BCM code. But they should be able to activate dark mode on the proper BCM version... If they want to take the time to do it. I am more excited about Bambi mode than the global widow function. But testing it in my driveway, I could not see any improvement in brightness when the fogs are on. I have not tested it on the road yet.
  14. Other Ford owners have been able to make changes to the factory configuration of their vehicle’s computer modules. The F150 forums identified and changed dozens of options using a program called Forscan. But the configuration of the TC computer modules is different and requires a different approach. The Focus owners have been using a program called Foccus. This program has been working on Focus models up to 2016. I also found the Escape Forum guys used a more sophisticated function in Forscan to make several changes to 2017+ Escapes. Since the TC and Focus are built on the same platform, I wondered if we could use their program(s) to change setting in the TC. After some nervous trial and error, I found the Foccus program worked to change two functions on my 2016 TC-XLT: Global window closing using the key fob. High beam headlights and fog lights on at the same time (called Bambi-mode so you can see Bambi at night) Here are the details specific to my experience and links to well written tutorials on how to use Focccus and Forscan. Please read the attached forum links and tutorials for details on how to use these two programs. These modifications should work on 2014-2016 TCs BUT I HAVE ONLY TESTED IT ON MY 2016 TC, so proceed at your on risk. I am not an expert. Basic steps: Buy a high quality OBD II adapter (approx. $75) to link to the HS and MS CAN networks. See the Forscan tutorial for recommendations and cautions. Use Focccus to make the changes and load them into the Body Control Module (BCM) in your TC. YOU MUST MAKE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL FACTORY CONFIGURATION in case you have any problems. You don’t need to make XML files. Use Forscan to clear the numerous DTC faults that are set by the procedure. Fix a residual problem/bug with a double horn honk when locking the doors. Here are the links. Please read thoroughly: Forscan Tutorial (OBD II specs. You will only use Forscan to clear DTCs) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-8dKaS_Spu4Zw4hV_CrKC4tLoP9G8yejqegF1wxIqxY/edit Forum post about Forscan (for reference) http://www.2gfusions.net/showthread.php?tid=4573 FOCCCUS forum topic (this is most applicable to Transit Connect) http://www.focusst.org/forum/focus-st-electronics/20866-focccus-pc-app-built-editor-all-around-reprogrammer.html FOCCCUS youtube (see others as needed.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d7XJ2ydV60 Now connect to your TC using Focccus. Then “read from BCM” to load the configuration into Focccus. NOW SAVE A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL CONFIGURATION using the “save to file” button. Change setting #18 from "fog lamp US" to "fog lamp". Change setting #184 from "not set or disabled" to "global open/close B-Max" “Write to BCM” to load the changes. THIS IS THE CRITICAL STEP. Close Focccus after you are sure the write is complete. Open Forscan and clear all the DTCs. Test global closing by double press and hold the lock button on the key fob. The Bambi-mode causes some strange behavior that can be fixed. Locking the doors using the keyfob initiates a double lock (maybe lock then unlock?) and double horn honk. There appears to be a mis-set bit telling the TC that you are locking the doors remotely with the engine running. Here’s how I fixed/reset this error: Sit inside and close all the doors. Remove the key from the ignition, and lock the doors from the inside using the button on the door. Unlock the doors using the door button. If you have the perimeter alarm, lock yourself in the car using the keyfob. Wait for the alarm to set then open the door. The countdown beep will sound. Turn it off by pressing the unlock button. Now the doors should lock normally: one press w/o honk and two presses w/one honk. I could not fix this problem by loading the original file back into the BCM and this caused some stressful moments. I found a Focus owner had this same issue and he identified the lock/unlock fix. My addition of triggering the alarm may not be necessary but it worked and I did not want to go back and test every possibility. I did not try any other changes in Focccus because my TC has most of the options/functions listed. If you are daring, you can try adding other options using Focccus. But know that you are taking a chance and you need to be prepared to load the original file back into the BCM. But as I found with the double horn honk problem, there could be unexpected consequences. Dark Car Mode I saw the Explorer and F150 forums found a way to turn off the lights when the doors are opened (police or dark car mode). Focccus does not have this option. The Forscan or Focccus developers could reverse engineer this if there was enough interest and someone on this forum took the lead. Several people on this forum had the dealer activate this mode and having those configuration files will be the key.
  15. From the service manual: Engine coolant flows primarily from the engine to the radiator circuit and back to the coolant pump. Coolant is sent from the coolant pump through the engine block and cylinder heads. A separate circuit from the engine also feeds the heater core and turbocharger with coolant. The coolant pump, operated by engine rotation through the accessory drive belt, circulates the coolant. The coolant thermostat is a control valve actuated by coolant temperature. When the thermostat is closed, coolant flow bypasses the radiator circuit and returns to the coolant pump. When the thermostat is opened, coolant flows through the radiator circuit to transfer engine-generated heat to the outside air. The transmission cooler - warmer is mounted on the transmission. On initial startup, the transmission fluid heater coolant control valve opens and allows warm coolant from the engine to enter the transmission cooler - warmer to warm the transmission fluid. As the engine and transmission warm, the transmission fluid heater coolant control valve closes and the transmission fluid cooler coolant control valve opens, allowing cooler coolant from the radiator to enter the transmission cooler - warmer to cool the transmission fluid.