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  1. Look for it, look for it, look for it......... See the CEL? Notice the mileage?
  2. Awesome. I can't wait to read about how the wiring goes.
  3. redacted
  4. If Ford builds a plant to build them in The U.S.A., then anything is possible. All that The POTUS has to do is provide tax breaks, lend government money (which never gets repaid), and a few other incentives such as a government purchase contract.....and it could happen. Think back to the Chrysler K Cars.
  5. Wow! Any idea what caused it?
  6. Interesting. A 2-door van. We don't get that option in The U.S.A. But The POTUS is making America great again.
  7. I suppose that living in a "no snow zone" makes my life a lot easier.
  8. Some of us buy tires based upon performance factors. I suppose longevity is a consideration. But a lot of people buy based upon cost. Not everyone thinks they'll still have that car 5 years later.
  9. Yes. Cost is a major factor in aftermarket modifications. Especially if there is a commercial use for it. No different than spending over $1,000 for a good pickup truck rack with ratcheting cargo straps, or a hard camper shell. The tonneau cover on my truck (which really does nothing) was about $700. And you can look at $500 - $1,000 for a ladder rack, cargo rack, or cargo box. A big part of the over-the-counter price is installation. You could save a little money if you can source the parts and install it yourself.
  10. From what I recall, rain water would get into the weather seals on the windows, then collect at the bottom of the door. This resulted in the doors rotting and rusting out from the inside.
  11. Cool. Sounds like you can now enjoy your van.
  12. hmmm......maybe someone would like to try to put a second generation motor into a first generation Transit Connect.......another build.
  13. You can also sell all the parts you take out of the van.
  14. Use this situation to leverage an even better deal on a newer model with less miles. Or even flip this into a brand new car.
  15. Same here.
  16. I keep toying with the idea that i want a cabover camper shell. But this conversion is a pretty good way to do more, with less space.
  17. High Five
  18. Here at the local public hospital, there is a psych ward. Police on patrol will have to physically fight with, and subdue then handcuff someone who is acting out violently. Then they bring them to the psych ward, take the handcuffs off, and leave that violent combative person unrestrained with a bunch of nursing assistants who are not anywhere near as big or strong as the cops, nor are they equipped with any weapons. Sure, they could give him a sedative. But they'll have to fight him, overpower him, and hold him down in order to do it. Imagine when the cops leave, and they're simply locked in there with a bunch of violent, crazy people. At least you guys in the correctional facilities have some muscle, and plenty of restraint devices.
  19. I would suspect that the car of the future will have some sort of auto-pilot feature, which will help reduce accidents from human error. With any luck, those vehicle's will also be able to reduce gridlock and keep the flow of traffic moving, because stop & go is typically caused by people reacting and braking. A self driving car will not slow to gawk at roadside distractions like accidents. Computerized vehicles should also be able to use real time traffic sensors to choose alternative routing, so a self driving car will detour around heavy traffic, as opposed to adding another car to the traffic jam. A self driving car won't swerve or weave simply because you've had too much to drink. Now back to wearing my hard hat with a tin foil lining. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tin_foil_hat
  20. If the fan is too expensive, or too much of a hassle to run wiring for the installation, then consider at least installing a vent. These are simple. Just cut, apply weather sealant, and bolt together.
  21. First thing to consider is airflow. For paint fumes, you need a fan. Adrian Steel makes a really nice partition. The vans at work all have Adrian Steel dividers. I would imagine that once installed, it shouldn't be that hard for you to seal up any remaining holes. But you will never build something to keep funes out of the passenger area. You will still need a fan. https://www.adriansteel.com/item/cargo-vans/2016/PARTC-NW Composite Partition, no window, Transit Connect Home >> Cargo Van Equipment >> Partitions >> PARTC-NW Item #PARTC-NW Composite Partition, no window Fits Ford Transit Connect Introducing the partition that is all about driver comfort! There is a trend happening with cargo van owners in the market. They want a product that offers more value than the traditional steel partition provides. Something that quiets the cab area, provides more leg room and provides better climate control. Drivers that spend 8-12 hours a day working out of their mobile office want a more comfortable experience. Adrian Steel’s new line of composite partitions offers unparalleled comfort for the driver. Climate Control – Quickly cool down or heat up the cab area of the cargo van, reduce idle time doing so and save fuel! Sound Deadening – Reduce the harshness of the cargo noise entering the cab area. This reduces driver distractions and makes for a quieter environment to communicate when driving. Leg Room – Full seat travel and a comfortable recline angle makes the composite partition our most comfortable line of partitions we sell. Organize – Partitions are great location to hang your cargo. Easily add safety items like fire extinguishers and first aid kits, or hooks to hang your extension cords or hoses. Additional accessory kits are available to customize your Adrian Steel composite partition even more.
  22. I think you're better off using the cameras. They seem to be working for you. No mirror will give you the view that your camera is giving you.........because you're now used to, and like the cameras. Instead of having two monitors on the left, try one of these for your actual rearview backup camera:
  23. Solar panels on a car. Now that is creative. And a custom made Lexan window.