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  1. Hello from Minnesota

    I like my share of 'retro' things, but there are certainly downsides from a maintenance standpoint. My CBX has six carburetors which need to be kept pretty closely in sync. At least there are no points to mess with, but the alternator brushes are almost a bigger maintenance problem than points - A few guys have managed to fuel inject the old six . . . . there are also a few single carb turbocharged CBX's out there too - Six exhaust pipes fed into a single turbo. When I get to feeling sorry for myself, I always think of Andreas - He made himself a V-12 CBX . . . . complete with twelve carburetors! https://thekneeslider.com/honda-cbx-v12-by-andreas-georgeades/ Don
  2. Jacks

    I don't think there's any 'speculation' left - You can stick a fork in them . . . . they're DONE The largest store in Chicago (where they began) has closed. The HUGE store at one end of our local mall has been completely torn down and they are building a big movie theater in it's place. There won't be a single store still open by 2020. I was gonna say "you heard it here first" but that's not true. It's been common knowledge for quite some time now. We're just watching the death throes as they sell off everything they once owned, piece by piece Don
  3. New-ish Owner

    I suspect it's because of the mileage, but it could be that it's been in there for almost a year We don't drive our TC that much - We have two electric Mitsubishi's and a 2017 Chevy Volt, so the TC is only used when we need to haul or tow something. Mostly it gets used for vacations where we take our two Segways with us, as they don't fit well in the Volt. My oil light is on now after on;y 5500 miles and I think that's because it's been a year - The oil is still as pretty and clean as the day I put it in there and it's Castrol Edge Extended Life Full Synthetic, which they say is good for 15,000 miles, so I'm not changing it any time soon. If the car was a daily driver where it was making lots of short trips and/or sitting out in the elements, I would probably change it every year no matter the miles, but virtually ALL of those 5500 miles were done on long trips at freeway speeds It will be interesting to see if my Volt wants an oil change after a year even though the engine will probably have very few miles on it - We'll see Don
  4. Good news for Luddites

    For the first 3 or 4 years we were with Page Plus, there were zero taxes and fees . . . . until some other carriers complained. They're still minimal. The total is less than $30. A $35 plan which gives you nothing but unlimited calling doesn't compare well to one $5 cheaper which gives you unlimited calling, texting and data. But, if it meets your needs and you get a free phone now and then, maybe it's worth it Don
  5. Good news for Luddites

    That's certainly not a spectacular deal on a phone I have unlimited talk, text and data (first 2 gig at 4G, after that 2G) on my Smartphone for $27 per month. You do need to own your own phones. I buy mine used on eBay for $50 to $75 or so and 'upgrade' when the older models get cheap . . . . like me Currently using a Samsung Galaxy S4 that I bought a couple years ago. Does everything I need and I use the data a lot. It gets way more use than my laptop, because I don't carry a laptop with me everywhere. Not sure how I'd get by without text and e-mail on my phone . . . . but I have 5 grandkids and I assume your dogs don't text you very often Page Plus - https://www.pagepluscellular.com/plans/ Don
  6. All Season Tires

    Glad your questions was only about tires, Loafer - If you had asked about anything else, it could have gone off the rails pretty quickly! Don
  7. Painting body moldings

    They paint all the plastic moldings on the XLT and Titanium series wagons body color, so it can be done. But . . . . they don't use the same paint as they do on the metal parts. They put a flex agent in the paint used for plastic parts so the paint won't flake off as the plastic 'moves' when heated and cooled. I would suggest you take off one of your plastic parts and take it to an automotive paint shop where they mix paint and those guys can advise you what you need to add to your paint to make it stay on the plastic Don
  8. Wheel Size Question

    I'll never have to worry about that happening here When our first grandchild (who is now 21 and in college) had her first birthday, my wife called to see if she could have her party at McDonalds because they had the kiddies playroom . . . . even though most of the kids were too young to use most of the toys. 7 or 8 kids invited and we would be buying all the food there, except . . . . my wife had baked a big birthday cake and wanted to be sure she could bring the cake in and serve it too. No problem the manager on duty when she called said - Happy to have you The day of the party, a different manager came by and saw the cake and said it couldn't be in the restaurant - Did not matter to him at ALL what another manager had told us on the phone. Thankfully, the party hadn't begun, (not all the kids had shown up yet) so we hadn't bought any McDonalds food yet. I ran across the street and checked to see if Burger King had any objections to our party and they said "Come on over!" . . . . so we did. Tons of pictures of her first birthday there at Burger King and dozens of people have heard this story while looking through the photo album. We haven't had a McDonalds meal since . . . . and that was 20 years ago! No telling how much business that idiot manager cost that particular restaurant and dozens of others too - My wife has no problem holding her rage against every McDonalds in the world for the sins of that one. We've bought tons of meals for 5 grandkids in a dozen different fast food restaurants since then, but heaven help me if I even suggested going to McDonalds - My wife would kill me! Don
  9. Good news for Luddites

    Until the guy who *thinks he can* drifts into my lane and hits me head on My daughter *thinks she can* . . . . but she has literally bent 6 or 7 wheels on her last 2 cars when she drifts off the road to the right while messing with her phone - There are several hundred drivers out there who have no idea just how lucky they are Don
  10. Nothing wrong with being safe, or even ultra safe if you're a bit paranoid - It's important to know what you're dealing with and not do anything which would endanger anyone But you did tell Dave to be careful because 'Lead/acid batteries "out gas" ... venting some hydrogen and oxygen while charging or discharging' and while that's true or conventional flooded batteries, it's not true of his AGM battery, so I felt compelled to speak up to let him know he has nothing to worry about - No gassing of any kind unless there's a catastrophic failure of the charging system, which he really doesn't need to worry about either Don
  11. Yes, you do need to vent them, or . . . . ensure there is no possibility of a gross overcharge, because only under a sustained gross overcharge condition will it be likely to pop it's seal and vent, They do not vent ANY gas under normal conditions. It's very unlikely that a modern alternator will fail in a 'max charge' condition, but it is theoretically possible. Since Dave isn't charging his AGM with an alternator, but with a CTEK DC to DC charger, that eliminates the possibility of a gross overcharge and the need for venting his AGM battery. He has nothing to worry about Every Chevy Volt made has an AGM in the passenger compartment (it's under the rear deck panel which is not sealed from the passenger compartment) and to my knowledge, there's never been an AGM failure reported. Again, that battery isn't charged by an alternator but by a DC to DC converter Don
  12. Not to worry - AGM batteries like the one he installed are sealed and don't vent gases of any sort while being charged and they are 'legal' for installation within the living spaces of vehicles and boats Don
  13. I have a set of OE 16" steelies in perfect shape removed when the TC had about 15K on it. Would be prefect for anyone who needs a second set for snow tires, but since it never snows here, I'll never use them and I hate to see them laying around I won't ship them, but if your travels ever take you anywhere near Biloxi Mississippi, I'll take $75 for the set Don
  14. 5 Passenger Trransit Connect

    Not to my knowledge - No factory rear seats in any cargo model that I'm aware of, though how to install rear seats seems to be pretty popular question here 2014 and later SWB wagon models came with a 3 passenger rear bench seat. It's a 60/40 arrangement and it's in 2 pieces, both of which were designed to be easily removed and reinstalled in just a couple minutes with no tools. You can take out either the 40 piece, the 60 piece or both but if you just temporarily need more space and don't care to remove the seats completely, the seat backs fold flat and then the seats fold vertically so they 'stand' just behind the front bucket seats - You don't even have to remove the head rests. You end up with an almost empty van, missing only about a foot of space where the vertical seats are stored. That gives you a flat floor for cargo all the way to the back door. When we travel, we frequently remove the 40 side, stand the 60 side vertical behind the passenger bucket seat and fill the van up with cargo. That way, when we get where we're going, if we need to haul 4 people, we can just by setting the 60 side back down and opening it up The seats are a really neat design. The seat belts are built into them, even the shoulder belt for the center person and yet you can pop them out of the van in just a minute or two - They ARE pretty heavy though Don
  15. Hello from Minnesota

    Gee, that would put about 95% of Americans out of work, wouldn't it? Don
  16. 2010 XLT - rocker panel replacement

    If it's a 2010, it probably has enough miles on it that you're looking to spend big money on some other things over the next few years, so any major expense (and replacing the rockers will be a major expense unless you can source some junkyard parts and do the work yourself) probably means that 'the end' is on the horizon for that vehicle I know I wouldn't invest even $2K replacing the rockers when the near future will probably mean more money for suspension or transmission work - You'll be 'throwing good money after bad' I would start making plans on what the replacement is ultimately going to be Don
  17. Oil Change

    There's lots more going on inside a filter than just how much filtration they offer. Some filters have anti-drainback valves, some don't. Some have pressure regulating valves, some don't. Most have a pressure relief valve where it bypasses a clogged filter, but the pressure required to open that valve can vary from filter to filter, even ones from the same manufacturer. There are very few filters which are exactly the same inside, except one has a bit more filter paper so when you change from the one spec'ed for your engine to one spec'ed for another, you very well might be changing something inside which was also spec'ed for your engine that you don't have anymore . . . . and what have you really gained? If the engineers wanted a larger filter, they would have specified that. I'm sure the filter size is probably twice as big as it really needs to be, assuming you're doing oil changes at the recommended interval Don
  18. Oil Change

    I'm always very hesitant to use any other filter than the one the manufacturer recommends - There's lots more going on inside the filter other than how many square inches of filtration it has and I see nothing to be gained by second guessing the engineer who spec'ed the filter he thinks is best for HIS engine But, there will always be those who think 'larger must be better' and/or who think they know more about this particular engine than the guys who designed it - I've seen these 'lets use a larger filter' threads in every automotive forum I've frequented over the past 25 years or so . . . . and now we have one here too! Don
  19. Ramps modification

    That's true of course, but for an oil change (which I do far more often than brake work or rotating tires) they are much simpler, quicker and safer than a jack and jack stands. They also came in very handy when installing the trailer hitch Use the best tool for the job at hand Don
  20. Fuel filler security

    I would suggest you take a siphon hose, better yet, half a dozen different sized siphon hoses, and spend an hour or so trying to get ANY gas out of the filler pipe on your TC. You will most assuredly rest easy about anyone stealing your gas after you see just how impossible it is to do . . . . without drilling a hole in the bottom of the tank . . . . and, it will give you second thoughts about the times you've forgotten to trip the inside release on your Scion and had to walk back around the car to do it - What a waste of time! I know it would really tick me off. The door latches on other cars aren't to prevent theft - They're to make someone think twice about putting anything into the tank . . . . not to prevent them taking anything out Don
  21. Wheel Size Question

    I'm sorry, but huge wide tires on the back of any FWD vehicle makes about as much sense to me as the HUGE wings you see bolted to the trunk on some of the little FWD Japanese imports - Do they really need all that extra traction out back?? Now, if you can just add a little 'fart can' muffler to your TC (and maybe a wing too?) you'll be all set I know, I know - You already admitted it makes no sense and that it's just 'your thing' but that doesn't stop me from shaking my head whenever I see such a vehicle pass me by on the road. But, by all means, do your own thing even if it doesn't make a lick of sense (to me) . . . . it sure relieves the boredom and keeps the world interesting!! . . . . . plus it's great for the economy - Look at all the tires and wheels you've bought over the past year or so to achieve this 'look' Don
  22. If anyone has any info on where to tap into the VSS signal. the Back-up signal and the Parking Brake signal for 2014 and newer TC's it would be great to post that info here. I've done fairly extensive Internet searches and haven't found a clue. Maybe someone has a Factory Shop Manual with that info? Thanks! Don
  23. I *think* if you pull out the 'radio' unit that came with the van and replace it with an identical unit that you buy on eBay, it will work OK without having to reprogram anything. If you try upgrading to a different unit than the one that came in the van, I would say all bets are off - You don't know what will happen Don
  24. Tie Down ?

    There are lots of improper places on the running gear a wrecker driver can hook onto, and they often do . . . . and they frequently do more damage to the vehicle getting it out of the ditch than the driver did getting it in. Something to hook onto designed just for the purpose sounds like a no-brainer to me . . . . and at only $30, it's dirt cheap Don
  25. anyone ready to talk about the 2019 FTC?

    I think it will probably have all that and more I read an article last week about a "New van for seniors" with adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring and the rear cross traffic alert to warn you when you're backing out of a parking space (My Chevy Volt has all these) and what got me to reading the article in the first place was . . . . the photo of the Transit Connect at the top of the page. Supposedly, the 2019's will have all this available. The 'Infotainment Center' in my Volt also has Android Auto, 4G wireless hotspot and Onstar of course - I suspect the 2019 TC's will have something similar Don