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  1. Just put a set of alloys on my TC and I have a set of steel wheels that I'll never use again - No need for snow tires down here. They're in great shape and I'll take $50 for the set of 4 . . . . but you'll have to come pick them up in Biloxi MS. I don't want to ship them Don
  2. TC aftermarket wheels

    Unless they changed something for 2017, the stock wheel size is 16 X 7 Don
  3. Ham Radio Install

    "Dealer sent me to Ford Fleet, Ford Fleet referred me to the dealer.."This mirrors my experience at both Ford dealerships closest to my home - It seems none of them know much about TC's and they have little interest in learning. It's all written in their computerized books, but they're not going to read it themselves to help out a customer - Instead, they want to sell you the software so you can read it yourself! I bought a rear cargo cover for $135 and it arrived broken - I wasn't the first customer to receive this broken part . . . . the box had been opened and retaped closed several times. My wonderful dealer offered to order me another and when I refused because it was clearly a piece of junk and not worth half the $135 I paid, he charged me a 20% 'restocking fee' to send the broken part back. I read on-line about another buyer who received it later (or a broken one just like it) so I guess it did get 'restocked'. Needless to say, that's the last time I'll ever go there for anything. The $27 he ripped me for was more important to him than my repeat business. My TC needs recalls done and regular maintenance, but I'll have to go elsewhere. Don't even ask me about the next Ford dealer I went to These people evidently don't care at all if you ever buy another Ford Don
  4. '16 TC Cargo w/ST Wheels

    How do caliper covers do anything to keep your wheels clean? Seems like there would be just as much brake pad dust flying around as if you just painted the covers?? Don
  5. '16 TC Cargo w/ST Wheels

    Welcome to the forum! Nice looking rig! I love those wheels . . . . but I could never live with 45 series tires on mine - It already rides rougher than I care for I just ordered me a set of 16" Ford Focus 10 spoke alloys off eBay for $350. They'll be here Tuesday and once I figure out what color I want to paint them, I'll just transfer my OEM tires and TPMS sensors over to the new wheels On my passenger version XLT, the door handles and side panels are white also - Only the mirrors are black Don
  6. Wheel Size Question

    The difference between 215/55's and 215/60's is more than 3% (an even bigger error than switching to 225/40-19's) which will affect lots of things - The transmission shift programming for sure. I don't think a small improvement in ride quality would be worth the errors that would bring with it Now, if you could find a set of 205/60-16's you'd be back to about where you belong Don
  7. Wheel Size Question

    Your roads must be better over there than they are here - I would get beat to death riding on 19" wheels with low profile tires over here! As rough as the 19's will ride, I imagine it will be even worse if you lower the van I can confirm that the stock offset is 50mm - If you want a wider, more aggressive stance you might consider 40mm, but then if you're going up from a 7" width to 8.5" you might want to stay with 50mm. As for different sizes front and rear - I have a car like that and it means you cannot rotate the tires, so I would stay away from that option if you expect to get the best wear from those expensive tires Don
  8. Power Port Question

    On my '14, the power ports are powered on all the time, hence the warning about not leaving things plugged in as they could run the battery down. I doubt you'll have any problem running a small fan overnight, but if you're intending to camp in it, you might be wise to add a deep cycle battery to power things separately from the starting battery, just in case I installed an inverter in our van to recharge our Segways as we drive and I replaced the starting battery with a more powerful AGM deep cycle battery so the inverter won't run the battery down when we stop for gas or lunch Don
  9. 2013 TC on Falken Ziex tires ?

    If your original tires have lasted 5 years and are not yet worn out (I agree, I would change them now) I would give serious consideration to sticking with that exact same tire, even if they cost me $30 or $40 more for each tire. IMO, it would be false economy to go searching for something cheaper . . . . just because it's cheaper. It's a good bet the Falkens wouldn't last you 5 years, so how much would you really be saving?? You can order them from Tire Rack for lots less than $250 each (somebody is really trying to rip you off . . . or they're trying to sell you something else they carry) and Wally World will install them for you. The Continentals are $97.25 each at Tire Rack Don

    Ford ordered a lowering of the tire pressure to 26 psi before the Explorer was even introduced . . . . after they had already determined they had a rollover problem! "Emerging Information shows that both Ford and Firestone had early knowledge of tread separation in Firestone Tires fitted to Ford Explorer vehicles but at no point informed the NHTSA of their findings" The Ford Explorer was first offered for sale in March 1990. Ford internal documents show the company engineers recommended changes to the vehicle design after it rolled over in company tests prior to introduction, but other than a few minor changes, the suspension and track width were not changed. Instead, Ford, which sets the specifications for the manufacture of its tires, decided to remove air from the tires, lowering the recommended pressure to 26 psi. Low air pressure leads to increased heat; heat can damage the tire. Sure sounds like a 'problem' to me! Some outside observers have speculated about the blame worthiness of both parties; Firestone's tires being prone to tread separation and failure, and the SUVs being especially prone to rolling over if a tire fails at speed compared to other vehicles. Ford directed Firestone to build a tire for a top heavy, overweight vehicle which they could use with only 26 psi of air pressure . . . . and for some reason, Firestone complied. This debacle ended a partnership between Ford and Firestone which had existed for almost 100 years. Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone were personal friends and Ford had used Firestone tires almost exclusively up until then Don

    What's the procedure for resetting the TPMS when rotating tires? Do you have to 'reassign' each tire to the new position on the van? Easy to do?? Enquiring minds want to know! My only other TPMS experience was on a vehicle which didn't care where each tire was located because it didn't give you any indication of which tire was low . . . . just that one of the 4 was low enough to light the indicator on the dash Don
  12. Fuel efficiency

    I've travelled a good bit all over Europe including Great Britain where roundabouts are very common and I've never seen one with either stop signs or yield signs - The whole reason for having a roundabout it to keep all traffic moving at all times. It's universal law that you yield to any traffic already in the circle when entering any roundabout, so no sign is necessary They're becoming more common here in the USA too. I'm not a big fan of them, but we have 3 or 4 of them now in close proximity to my house - None of them with any yield or stop signs Don
  13. Ham Radio Install

    I doubt you'd be running both transmitters at full power at the same time very often, would you? Many hams and boaters run high power HF transmitters on sailboats where the power source is a bank of 12 volt batteries and no engine running. With the battery at 12.6 volts a 30 amp draw would load the battery voltage to around 12 even if the main power cable was a #2 wire, so running the transmitters on 12 volts can't be bad for them, can it? They must be designed for 12 volts. In the TC with the engine running, the power source will be 14 volts, so even if you occasionally (both transmitters running) lost 1/2 volt, you'd still be running them on 13.5 VDC I wouldn't worry about the 1/4 volt drop using a #6 wire at all and it will be much easier to run. But, overkill can be fun too, at least until you try squeezing that #4 lug into the BJB in the TC
  14. Fuel efficiency

    "I find fuel efficiency to be strongly related to speeds driven" - A profound statement if ever there was one! My other two cars are 100% electric and you learn a lot driving an EV, and after some time in EV's everything else you drive magically gets much better mileage - Your 19 mpg at 95 doesn't compare too favorably to my 29 mpg at 55 to 65 mph. After 20,000 miles, the fuel economy readout on my 2014 SWB TC's dash says the average so far has been 27.6 mpg My Mitsu iMiEV with a 16 kw battery can go more than 100 miles at 25 to 30 mph, about 75 miles at 45 mph and about 50 miles at 70 mph - Nothing changed except the speed. Pushing the air in front of the car costs you more and more the faster you go! A reduction in speed of even 5 to 10% nets a much improved range in an EV and that translates into a much improved mpg number in an ICE powered vehicle The really big advantage with EV's is they all get better mileage in stop and go around town driving than they do at steady freeway speeds, while ICE's get much worse mileage under those same conditions. Just because your car gets better mileage at 70 than around town at 25 or 30 doesn't mean driving that fast is more efficient . . . . it's just that your 25 mph efficiency is so much WORSE. An EV with regenerative braking can get back about 80% of the energy you used to get it moving as it slows from cruising speed down to a near stop, while an ICE turns that energy into wasted heat using friction braking, so stop and go driving doesn't hurt an EV's mileage very much. Another big benefit is an EV isn't using energy when it's not moving like ICE's do - It also wastes much less energy turning it into heat. An ICE uses less than 25% of the energy in a gallon of gas to actually move the car . . . . most of the other 75% is wasted as heat http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/atv.shtml You realize when driving an EV that every time you put your foot on the brake, you're wasting energy, so you drive a bit differently - You leave a little extra space, you coast to a stop from farther away . . . . you do most everything you can to avoid the brake pedal. If you were raised driving gas engine powered cars, you never realize that braking is wasting fuel so the less of it you can do, the farther you can go on a gallon of gas. It's pretty eye opening when it finally dawns on you! Don
  15. Thanks for the offer. Those are a bit different from the OEM Ford ones because the tie strap can be replaced on those whereas the Ford ones cannot - Once you cut them, they're junk I'll look around on eBay and see if I can find me a package of them to have on hand - Gotta be cheaper than buying them from Ford!! Don