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  1. Front window defroster - crack

    That's the front window with the electric defrosting?
  2. Front window defroster - crack

    Going to cal the insurance company today and see about a replacement before the cold weather gets here.
  3. That's sad. I can't say I'm impressed with my dealer at all. After having a bunch of Toyota's the difference between the Toyota and Ford dealerships is night and day. I'm glad they finally got it done. I just don't understand it. I might try another Ford dealership for future service and see if they are any better.
  4. I just noticed a crack in my windshield this weekend. I didn't notice it because it is close to the top behind the black frit at the top. It started from a tiny impact I guess, I can see a small "star" of about 1/4" about two inches from the top. The crack runs to the top of the window. It also runs down behind the where the mirror and sensors attach and then behind my EZ-pass. It's why I didn't see it until yesterday. I'm guessing I need to replace this before running the front window defroster probably. Tiller
  5. As n update to the global windows issue. My dealer FINALLY got the global windows up option to work. It only took three visits to the dealership along with the dealer submitting two tickets to FORD. Along the way they claimed a board was issuing an error had to be replaced so they had to order it. I believe they said it was called the BDU? That accounted for the third visit. Once that was installed they had to reprogram all my keys, (which they didn't realize in advance and it required us making a special trip over to take the other spare keys to them while the TC was there). I love having this feature available now! It only took a year!!!
  6. Thanks Windguy. I still need interior lighting yet and under the floor lighting. Planning on using LED tape underneath. No porta-potty for me in the van. I carry a folding spade in the TC or in my backpack with me if I'm really camping somewhere with no facilities. Otherwise its campground restrooms, roadside travel plazas and truck stops or a fast food joint. I'm rarely in beach areas where I can see it might be hard to find the necessary privacy. In the woods of PA, that's usually not an issue.
  7. Any time! Happy to share. Looking forward to future posts.
  8. You could also try finding a spot for one of these in your van! 2.5 Gallons. You pressurize it with air. The pressure is pretty good! $80.00 https://www.webstaurantstore.com/buckeye-2-5-gallon-water-class-a-fire-extinguisher-rechargeable-untagged-ul-rating-2-a/47250000.html?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=GoogleShopping&gclid=CjwKCAjwl_PNBRBcEiwA4pplRd2ZczebTiu2azcHusNncBmpr5xOTw3JkMcGBcZv3VxHdrM3pdzXrhoCf_sQAvD_BwE
  9. I test ran my pump on the 12V AUX to test the fittings. Ran it for a bit on it. You shouldn't have any problem with it. I see in your van, panels on the inside of your barn doors. How much space is behind them? The dimensions on the pump are 8.5 x 4.9 x 4.5. So you only need 5". Even if it extends out an inch or two, you can probably fashion a guard around it. For a tank, get a spare tire bracket for the exterior door and mount a 2 gallon jerry can on it. If you really want to go cheap and try something different, you can try PVC pipe. A 4" PVC pipe, will hold approximately .65 gallons for each foot. Mount a 5 foot section of pipe to your roof rack and you have about 3.25 gallons. That's about 25 pounds of weight to the rack. I don't know what the limit is on your vehicle. Being on the roof it will probably always be heated! I would also make sure you either drive with it full or empty. If it's not full, the movement of the water is likely to rip off your rack with the constant starting and stopping of the vehicle. Also, you can use smaller pipe as well. Like two 5' sections of 2" one on each side of the rack. Looking at your van, it might be very easy to slide in a 6' section of 4" pipe on the floor between your boards and the the plastic tubs. That would hold about 3.9 gallons of water for you and could be easily removed once you're home. You'd just have to glue up both ends and drill it out to attach the proper fitting for a connector on top at one end. You'll also need a small vent tube for it as well to let air in. The vent tube needs to be on top of the pipe when in use. Probably opposite the main connector on the pipe. Tiller
  10. The one I have was in stock at Eastern Marine. I'm not far from there. But I believe it is discontinued. But it is now replaced I believe with this one. http://shurflo.com/marine-products/fresh-water-pumps/aqua-king-ii-fresh-water-pumps/164-aqua-king-ii-standard-fresh-water-pump-12-vdc-23-0-gpm The "E" model number (aftermarket), comes with barb fittings (seen in the pump pic you posted), which make it easier to hook up. You won't find white arrows on any of them like in the pic. I used white-out to highlight water direction arrows molded in the plastic. You need to make sure whatever pump you get has an internal bypass. Otherwise at the low volume flow with the mini-reel it constantly shuts on and off. This one won't until you get to really ridiculous low water flow. I didn't pick a pistol grip style as I wanted to minimize it much as possible. The standard home pistol grip one I tried, (from my garden hose), really didn't flow right. I think it's because of the low volume due to the hose reel diameter going into a nozzle meant for a 3/4" hose. You get a pretty good pressure drop. The "Little Big Shot" nozzle is available at Home Depot or Walmart. The 5 gallon collapsible container I use takes about 4-5 min to be emptied if I flow it at the maximum it can go. Plenty of water to bath a dog or two in an emergency. It was funny cause last Sunday was the first time at training after installing this. And we had a young pup find something gross to roll in. We were able to bathe her on site and the handler didn't have to ride an hour in her car with a smelly dog. This is the hose reel I used: http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200658814_200658814 The wiring was straight forward. A red and a black. I ran the red to a switch on my panel. The black to ground. You can see the switch panel here on page 2. The other switches are explained there as well. Let me know if you have any other questions. Tiller
  11. Some interesting ideas. Not opposed to some type CCC style service for non-violent offenders.
  12. It has nothing to do with equipment. Most places can get equipment. We already have access to surplus stuff. Federal fire gear is not all that available. Most of it is used and used hard. Not that much surplus on the firefighting side. It rarely goes obsolete cause its siting in a depot. The fire lobbies are still quite strong but not like they used to be. But that's an outgrowth of the real problem, which is volunteers. We don't have the numbers any more. You are not an effective lobby unless you have the votes. Plus, there are two lobbying interests now, the paid fire unions and the volunteer fire services. Yes we agree on a lot and lobby together a lot. But on personnel issues we differ a lot. The unions want growth and more jobs, i.e. less volunteers. So we do split on some things. And of course the politicians want to walk that line between supporting the unions, volunteers and increasing paid jobs against raising taxes. So nothing will ever happen fast. Volunteers are dying out and America better get ready for it. There are an awful lot of volunteers in Houston, Florida and serving at the numerous forest fires in the west. Keep in mind that while deployed, the forest fighting teams get paid. So do FEMA teams. But back home, many of these folks are volunteers that have trained in forest fire fighting. States in the east rotate teams to the west, usually for 2 week intervals. They get paid when deployed. Not back home. Without volunteers, many of those state teams are finding it harder and harder to have people to fill that "buffer" of Wildland teams. Paid departments and state forestry departments can only provide so many people to go out on deployment on those teams to the west. Those paid people have to be backfilled with part-timers or overtime. Your local service levels can be impacted. As volunteers decrease, it will fall more on those paid people. Taxpayers and state officials are only going to let that assistance rise to a certain level before limiting it or wanting more money to send it. California is supplemented every year with out of state wildland fire fighting teams. Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, we've all sent teams to CA and other western states. That will eventually dry up to a set level as our volunteers drop off in favor of paid departments. Wildland firefighting costs will go up drastically in the years to come as local paid departments demand more $$$ to send their staff out west. The same applies to hurricane and other disaster responses. Most members of the FEMA teams are made up of paid personnel from career fire departments. That number will continue to increase. And that's fine. But the costs of these teams will continue to rise. I don't see an end or fix to this. Eventually there will be almost no volunteers. The training requirements have become tremendous for many departments. The time and effort to maintain equipment increases every year, often due to liability, new regulations, and insurance requirements that keep getting pushed on departments. At the same time, demographics have shifted. People no longer have time to volunteer while working 40-60 hrs a week, often in two-income families that require child-care and household chores to be more evenly split. We've raised kids that don't have the same volunteer spirit or desire, (with exceptions of course). There's a marked shift with the younger generation to renting and not buying homes. With out home ownership they are less connected to their town. More mobile and likely to relocate. Less inclined to get involved in the long term commitments required to get trained and stay trained. And then a move to a new state often invalidates a lots of your certifications and requires you to retest and recertify. Things they are a changing..
  13. There are still some subscription style fire departments around. Not many. Most states have some method of providing some funding to volunteer departments. But it's usually no where near enough to cover salaries for paid departments. And volunteer departments are now often sending bills for responses. Especially for vehicle accident responses where the bills go to the auto insurance. It's only a matter of a few decades until the majority of fire personnel and other first responsders are all paid. Taxpayers will ultimately pay for it, either higher taxes, higher insurance, less service, or a combination of all three.
  14. I can't say I disagree with you. Unfortunately that is not reality in the vast majority of our country. So you might not want to venture to far out of CA. :-) And if you do, stick to the bigger cities. From wiki: (take it for what it is). As of 2014, there are around 1,134,400 firefighters serving in 27,198[1] fire departments nationwide and responding to emergencies from 58,150 fire stations. Of those firefighters, 31% or 346,150 were career firefighters and 69% or 788,250 were volunteers.[2] Keep in mind that career firefighters are concentrated in high population area. Career firefighters represent 15% of all departments but protect approximately two thirds of the U.S. population. Meanwhile, 85% of fire departments are volunteer or mostly volunteer and protect approximately one third of the population. If you are interested, you might find this link interesting: https://apps.usfa.fema.gov/registry/summary You should note that even in California, more then half of your fire departments are considered as mostly or 100% volunteer. My statement earlier was incorrect. But I suspect, that as in the rest of the country, the majority of your population are in the metro areas and mostly covered by paid departments. The number of volunteers are however, drastically dropping. There was something in the area of 1.5 million volunteers just like 10-15 yrs ago.
  15. I don't really know to be honest. I love working with the dogs. I loved fighting fire when I did that. I loved the mental/physical challenge of vehicle accidents/entrapments. I can't say any of the bad stuff really bothered me. I never lost sleep over any of them. Maybe I'm a bit of a sociopath, I don't know. For me its more painful to see the pain of the living then the dead. Trying to work on a child when the parents are crying next to you was the hardest thing for me. As a parent I empathize with them more then I actually do the pain of the child. I can usually do something for the child. Or in a few cases, I knew it was impossible to do anything. I can't do anything to help the parents in those moments. That makes you feel helpless. And I'm not a person that does well with feeling helpless. For the searches though, you really do it to bring closure to families. Yes, you hope to save someone and sometimes you do and that's great. It's awesome. But it doesn't really "balance". There's no reason to be bothered by the deceased person. As we say, they can't get any deader. I've never been bothered by the gruesome side of it. But as a parent I can't imagine not knowing what happened to my son/daughter. Not understanding what happened at the end. And as long as you don't have that body, the parental mind is a terrible thing and it always wants to believe that there is a chance, however tiny. It is very difficult for these people to get through all the stages of grief like other people do, who actually have a body to grieve over. So for me the emotional side that impacts me the most is the family left behind. That's why we do the searches. Fortunately, I'm usually not the family liaison. I could never be a J. J. from Criminal Minds! The real life people that do that have the emotional hits if you ask me. Bodies are just bodies. Their pain and suffering is over. Hope that wasn't too heavy! But honestly, thank you for asking.