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  1. So that's a wheelchair lift/entry conversion? I've seen those and they hang down from the bottom a good bit. Most likely, you'll need to adjust your driving style to avoid potholes & bumps or at least slow down a bit when you see them ahead of you. But, you could try calling the company that installed it and find out if there's any way for them to raise it a bit, though I kind of doubt it...
  2. I know that myself and at least one other person here has had that sensor go bad. Mine was replaced under warranty, but they had my van for 2.5 days because the tech assigned to it had a day off the first full day that it was in...
  3. I've been wanting to make one out of aluminum diamond plate, but it's low on the priority list for my meager paychecks, haha! Someone did a pretty sweet job on that one pictured, even though it's not a TC. For the fumes, I'd look into adding a vent in the back, something like on the USPS vans. Air flow would help the vent, of course - there's two rubber plugs behind the driver seat on the floor that are drains like on a Jeep Wrangler, these are beneath the false floor and you could remove them from under the van. Also, if your van does not have the rear fuse block (like mine is "missing"), there's a hole where the wiring normally comes through, pop the rubber plug out of it (I haven't noticed any water getting in and it's been at least 8 months and 15K miles) - on the passenger side by the back door, behind the plastic panel and seen in my pic here
  4. My first thought was self-driving van, until I saw the pic with a driver having hands on the wheel, lol. Maybe the computer is still in "learning" mode while a human drives? haha
  5. Tiller was talking about S.A.R., not police pursuit... I've seen our vans used for "meter maids" parking enforcement, but not regular police service. Four-banger FWD van isn't the most ideal for chasing criminals, haha.
  6. For spotlight ideas, at least 40% of the trucks in my area (Texas ranch country) have remote-control lights on the roof, just run power to it. I don't have any pics of them, but it would end up looking something like this (from Google image search). Nice thing with these is that it's a keychain remote (depending on specific model), so you can control it like 30' away from the vehicle.
  7. 2014+ TC's (van or wagon) have two different mirrors available. Most get the "small" mirrors, but there's optional "large" mirrors that I wish the cargo vans had standard. One of my planned upgrades is getting the large mirrors to replace the small ones on my van, whenever I have extra money to blow on it... Haha.
  8. Fifty150 is correct in totally different vehicles & even forums - you want FordTransitForum.com, lol. But, I suspect that your third brakelight may be held in by nuts on the backside of the light (inside of the van). Try shining a flashlight in there and see what you can find. Being a passenger van, I'm guessing you have a full headliner, so you'll need to drop that down to get access.
  9. I do have a SG-II, but it's at least 5 years old and needs to be updated, lol. When I had a 2003 F-350 diesel, I got some crazy MPG numbers because the SG-II couldn't read some of the OBD data correctly - Google research showed that it would need to be updated, but I never got around to it. That said, I really need to put the gauge back into my van because I haven't used it since late last summer when I had to take it out to scan a friends car for CEL codes. But I'll also be moving soon, my commute will be 11 miles and there will be a single stop sign going to work (turn onto the main road from my side street) and then a single one going home (again, turning onto main road from parking lot). So once I'm moving, there typically shouldn't be any reason to stop until I'm at my destination That will be great.
  10. I suspect that you would need to find a junkyard that has a Gen 1 TC with window-less barn doors. Ford only used replaceable panels on the sliding doors for either window or solid panel - the quarter panel windows and rear doors are either solid steel or windowed. Alternatively, you could also get a piece of opaque polycarbonate sheet the same color as your paint (or have it painted to match) and then cut it to fit & epoxy it in place. What I would love for my van is a windowless hatch (overhead type door) to replace my barn doors, lol. But, I've never seen a hatch without a window, so it would have to be done custom by welding in a sheet of steel. Too much work for the little bit that I would gain from converting, though.
  11. I'm sure some people in the US would love if we had got that SJ413, lol. That's an extended version of the SJ410 or what we call Samurai. The 413 is almost 23" longer overall than a Samurai.
  12. The one problem that people have found is that the Gen 1 TC and early Gen 2 (2014's) had the load floor welded-in, so it's tedious to remove. Later, Ford got smart and bolted it in, making removal easy on 2015+ and maybe even some later 2014's - I don't know exactly when the switch happened. Somebody had taken pics of their 2014 awhile back and I don't remember now if they ended up cutting out the floor or gave up when they saw it was welded.
  13. I was happy enough averaging 30MPG with my 2011 Ranger 2.3L manual, lol. Until I totaled it, anyway... Seeing these posts of 20MPG and even down to the teens makes me feel a little less bad with my van. When I lived in northern Illinois, I was averaging 26-28 MPG on a tank, 50 mile commute with about 1/2 of it tollway. Moved to Texas, higher speed limit (75 MPH between towns), 27 mile commute but I have no traffic and only a handful of stop signs at each end of the commute (in my neighborhood and close to work) plus a stop light by work - MPG's dropped to 22-24. This is on a 2015 TC 2.5L LWB XL van. Drop looks pretty sweet, but I could never do that around here, lol. I'm with the "lift it" crowd, then add some truck all-terrain tires since I'm in ranch country.
  14. I have the same experience as newtconer, having to do the high-beam-stalk trick basically each time I want to have the doors open :( Newtconer, as for the cargo lamp, you could just pull the bulb out. The toggle switch is just to make it easier to turn on/off. I have a van instead of wagon and it had an incandescent bulb, I pulled it out last summer. Eventually, I'll get around to installing & wiring several LED lights on a double-throw switch for On/Off/Door (same function switch as the front over-head light). Just need to figure out which ones I want to buy for it, but I also have lots of other projects going on in life.
  15. I still have just the stock OEM tires and ran them through last winter in northern Illinois/Chicagoland. Wasn't really impressed with them, but they were decent enough for OEM all-season tires. Two winters ago, I had a 2003 Mustang GT and ended up putting some Blizzaks on it from Craigslist about half-way through the winter - night & day difference compared to whatever tires were on it (some "all-season high-performance" that were really summer tires). Anyhow, I'm hoping to move to Texas before winter hits this year, but I'm going to start watching Craigslist soon for a good deal on winter tires in the TC size just in case I don't get out quickly enough. I'm mostly Finnish myself and I'd like to have Nokian Hakkapeliitta tires (headquartered in Nokia, Finland - also home of Nokia phones). Finland has like 6-8 months of winter, so they have plenty of experience with making good snow tires. Which is why all series of Hakkepaliitta tires are rated so highly - although expensive...