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  1. Power Port Question

    Page 106 or 107 of the 2014 TC Owner's Manual states not to leave things plugged in overnight in the power ports. So that implies they are always on. You can download the owner's manual and check out details prior to purchase. Also, most dealerships allow you to check out their vehicles' window stickers online so you can see exactly how it is equipped.

    I've had several Explorers, still have a 2008. The Firestone problem was NOT a problem. It was a Ford and owner failure to emphasize the correct tire pressure. At the time, the national speed limit was 55mph. So, IMO, Ford thought they could lower the tire pressure for an easier ride. Unfortunately, even though Ford stated in the owner's manual to increase air pressure by (IIRC) 5 PSI per 5mph above the legal speed limit, no one paid attention. Especially those soccer moms that wanted the safety of an SUV, driving 70-75mph on CA freeways and elsewhere. So rather than call it's customers idiots, Ford passed the blame onto Firestone. I really liked those tires. I was on my third set when the recall was issued and I got a free set of Michelins. For heavy loads, towing, OR high speed driving, I always bump the tire pressure up to its maker's max pressure, then lower it down to the vehicle recommended pressure for normal driving. Never a problem with my tires. My 92 Explorer with those Firestone tires at 35psi all around traveled for an hour at 95mph on I-95 in 1990. No prob. The other aspect to the Explorer/Firestone problem was that most drivers are IDIOTS when it comes to a tire blowout. They either want to brake immediately or pull over immediately, or BOTH. The BOTH is a recipe for a flip over, which is what occurred for several people, prompting the huge recall. Many years ago, before the Explorer prob, Motor Trend had a blowout on a new Corvette going 140-150mph. Driver held the wheel straight and let it slow down on its own. No further problems. It's panic that causes death.
  3. Hello from St. Louis

    I was Weps on the George C. Marshall Blue at the time. I was there during the upkeep that Lee Greenwood visited and toured the USS Will Rogers. He gave you guys a signed copy of his record "God Bless the USA". After that, your CO set up a record player & played that for every underway as soon as the last line was cast off. It was loud and easy to hear.
  4. Fuel efficiency

    A lot of US cities are removing stop lights and replacing them with 4 way stops at the less busy intersections. Yes, everyone must stop, but you get on your way MUCH faster. And saves the city repair and electrical costs. Energy savings the whole way around. I've read where Great Britain replaced most of the stoplights on roundabouts to just stop signs, or even yield signs better still.
  5. Fuel efficiency

    I find fuel efficiency to be strongly related to speeds driven. Driving through Kansas, Colorado, and Utah at high speeds,my computed mileage would drop to 20-21mpg at 85-90mph. 95mph netted 19mpg, but was uncomfortable controlling the vehicle with wind gusts. As a result, my wife (SWMBO) now hates driving through Kansas. At 85mph, the SWB TC locked in to the road.
  6. Hello from St. Louis

    Was that on the USS Will Rogers? Your Captain looks a lot like one I used to go pub hopping with in Dunoon, Scotland.
  7. Hello from St. Louis

    My stomping grounds also. Check google earth on holy loch. Site one is totally gone. We gave all that to the locals and they tore it down. Note, deterrent patrols make you eligible for the VFW, added several years back.
  8. If that Grip & Gaff bag is the one I saw, it was insanely expensive for a backpack/duffle that slides over the handles. If I decide to use one, I'll modify an existing much cheaper bag I still would like a LWB but the SWB handles like a sports car to me and the lower load floor is a good thing. Plus I got the humongous trailer towing package, all 2K pounds capacity. My smaller trailer is a 4x4x8.5' with a GTWR of 2K but I usually tow with the Explorer anyways with either trailer. If I ever get another band together I'd have to pull the seats out of the TC but I'd be able to fit my compact sound system and full drum kit in there. So no trailer needed when on street parking is all I get. Part of the allure of the LWB was cargo capacity and ability to use as a camper on trips if desired. If I didn't require 4WD for winter, I'd strongly consider getting a LWB TC van and sell my trailers.
  9. Update on measured cargo clearances. 44.5" a few inches out from the driver's side at the rear door 44" at the rear doors center latch 46 cargo area roof 49" rear passenger roof so based on actual measurements, you lose FIVE inches at the door compared to the Ford listed specs!
  10. Hello from St. Louis

    Retired submariner, here. We had metal racks with three sided walls. I'm 6'2" & if I stretched my feet touching my toes on one end, I'd be pressing my head firmly against the other end. I strongly considered making a platform and using a blow up bed in my Connect but it being a SWB I'd have to do the feet on the passenger seat thing. That and I was traveling with my wife so everything would have to be stowed under the platform. Even just doing it every other day was a no go. Motels for us.
  11. You must have the LWB 3 row seat version with the seats folded flat with backings for the load floor. The SWB 2nd row seat backs fold down and then have to be tilted up against the front seats to have a flat load floor. So I get 49" of cargo height. I see by the dimensions manual you only get 42.2" of cargo height with the LWB. 41.5" is the height listed for the R12RT. BUT... I think that's the interior cargo height not allowing for the rear door frame dipping a little. I think I'll have to physically measure mine to check the difference from Ford's specs. Yes, I keep both manuals in my iBooks for quick reference
  12. What color is your Transit Connect Wagon?

    The black is actually black Galaxy. It has all kinds of easily seen sparkles in it, showing a lot more than a standard metallic color. i wanted basic white for the delivery van look but the wife would NOT go for it
  13. I've had a couple vehicles with liftgates including several Ford Explorers, an Expedition, and an Aerostar van. I actually prefer the barn doors for loading items. It's nice to pack stuff in and shut one door to load against. The middle blind spot from the doors does take some getting used to. Ford should make the rear camera able to be activated as desired.
  14. Hello from St. Louis

    If you have insufficient length, one option is to fold down the front passenger seat and possibly extend you feet over that
  15. I eBayed a 4 way folding 6' aluminum wheelchair ramp a while back. It works great with my SWB Connect. Clears the painted plastic bumper by an inch or more. Bought the ramp for use with a couple cargo trailers I have but was hoping this would work for the Transit Connect and IT DOES! I had a sound system speaking/background music dinner gig last night and tried it for the first time. I had most of my gear loaded on a Rock N Roller cart and wheeled it right in and out with the ramp. I have a couple of these carts. I used the mid size one (R6) which fit with just the wider rear seat folded but left in place. IF I had removed the seat entirely, my larger (R16) cart would have fit. There was enough room beside the cart to slide in the folded ramp. Note: amazing but, with the rear seats removed, all the Rock N Roller Multicarts fit in the SWB Transit Connect, although the 2 longest units might require a shoved door. The ramp size was chosen so when folded it can also fit sideways in both my vehicles' and smaller trailer's cargo area at the doors. Much easier to leave a little room at the end than a gap running lengthways with a load. if Ford would come out with a 4wd version, I'd sell my Explorer and get a second Transit Connect in LWB. I love the cargo handling capacity of these vehicles! With barn doors, of course.