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  1. I can say this. I am very lucky to have what I do and how I came to have it. But I will say this. The lift was the least expensive part of the process. The building and the concrete floor were the most expensive. The lift itself was only around $3k for a 10,000 lb. Me and Dad waited a long time to be able to have that thing. Spent many years crawling under our cars with Dad in the wet mud and snow to fix a problem. (it sucks) But no matter what equipment or how much it costs, if you do not use it properly and continually, then what is the point in having it. Be safe my friends, and stay greasy.
  2. Not much more. Still working on it and a few other projects at the same time. Slow going right now.
  3. I like my jack personally. It has the stands built in.
  4. Not sure what year you are inquiring about. I never used a floor jack with my 2012 TC but I did use ramps and had no problems. I have seen others mention that they have used floor jacks by taking a piece of wood and cutting a slot into it. Then placing the pinch weld into the slot, and placing the wood block onto the floor jack.
  5. actual tire pressure reading on dash

    Depending on which year model of the Transit Connect you have. 2010-2013 you do not have that option. You have to get out and figure out which one it is by deduction.
  6. Ok. Managed to find the 2016 owners manual online and verified that this info is incorrect. I also did not see anything listed for the DLR's as far as a fuse or relay to check. More than likely they are piggybacked onto another system and not listed. One thing I have noticed on my 2012 TC is that everything seems to be tied into each other someway or another. Removing one fuse to solve one problem creates 1 or more new problems. If all else fails you could pull one of my redneck moves and just put a piece of tape over the light. Now days the lights are LED's so you cant just pull the cluster and remove the bulb. :( And if none of this works then the last option is to ditch the hids and return to halogens or try LED's. But I hope that it does not come to that. I loved my HID and LED's.
  7. Ok. I am not sure if this would be the same or not. But you can try and check Relay #15 in the fuse box under the hood. This should be the Daytime Running Lamps R15 relay. I would also check your owners manual to verify this before attempting just to confirm that this is the correct relay for the 2016 Transit Connect Model. I express double checking because this is info that I acquired from the internet via other sites and from another continent. It may be wrong.
  8. What year TC ? Mine does not have the day time running lights either.
  9. Leave no evidence behind. Burn everything and leave.
  10. Winders down, radio up and one hand on the wheel. It's even nicer as fall draws nearer.
  11. Locking easy fuel plug ?

    This is the only capless fuel system I have dealt with on a Ford. It was on a Ford Transit 250 I had the pleasure of playing around with. You have to physically open the drivers side door before the fuel door can be opened to reveal the fuel port. But it sounds like you are describing something completely different. So I guess Ford decided to change something between the Transit and the Connects.
  12. Locking easy fuel plug ?

    If it is a cap less fuel system then that means they have already popped the window out and unlocked the door just to be able to reach the fuel port. Missing gas at this point is the least of the worries. In my neck of the woods if they have gotten that far, you do not have the van anymore or the gas. Now the odor of gas in the cabin is a real problem.
  13. Hello Again

    I noticed he was not posting and looked him up on here to see when he last logged in. He is banned from the site. No clue what happened and I am not going to push the issue. What ever it was, it was before I became a moderator. But welcome back to the forum.
  14. Site keeps logging me out

    Did not fix it for me either. :( But at least it is being worked on.

    Keep in mind I said I used to use that method. This was before I saw the error in my ways and made corrections. I also never used any kind of wax or sealants at all. I was lazy and cheap. Dawn is not good on paint at all, but it took me a long time to realize that.

    Dawn dish washing detergent, garden hose, 5 gallon bucket, pressure washer, and a rag. This is what I used to use for all of my vehicles. In the last year or so I have been playing around with some other stuff. This is not really a detailing site so I will not post up the links and such but there are some really good products out there. But one thing you will find is that the detailing products world is pretty cut throat and very opinionated. And because of this I will not say what I use specifically. But I will send you a link in a pm to the products I use.
  17. Site keeps logging me out

    Lol. It was supposed to be "now". That is what happens when I try to type on a small touch screen when I first wake up.
  18. Site keeps logging me out

    I have not had this problem since it was resolved a few months ago. I just done like mrtn and logged in from another computer and no it is requiring me to log in twice each time as well.
  19. Rear brake noise

    Not sure what type of rear brakes the Transits have on them. Are they disc or drum brakes ?
  20. New to TC and new to forums

    Welcome to the forum and nice work.
  21. This is so true for some many things. :( Here in the State of North Carolina our Governor just passed a law that goes into effect 1 Oct. 2017 outlawing the use of LED light bars on all State maintained highways. This same law will also regulate all other exterior auxiliary lighting including fog lights. Any additional lighting will be limited to no more than two, and must be adjusted so that the lights beam does not fall on the road surface more than 20 feet from the front of the vehicle, nor across the center line into on coming traffic. But yet they intentionally left out the HID and LED headlight conversion kits. Kill one thing that is actually useful to the citizens, and allow the one thing that needs to be addressed. Welcome to American Politics.
  22. Radio and related

    Here is a picture of the inside porting of the radio antenna. This is with the shelve and head liner removed. I left the picture its original size so you could see a better detail of it. You can also see the egg shaped indention that mrtn mentioned of where the actual antenna sits.
  23. Have not seen this, but would love to see it. I know several of us would love to know the part number of the LED light they used as well as seeing a picture of it installed and such. I would love to have mine filled in with a nice LED light.