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  1. Who got arrested ???

    The way they kept going in circles, I just knew when the van stopped a bunch of clowns were going to jump out. Not really sure what drugs they were on to make them think a 4 cylinder TC would make a great get away vehicle. But they did manage to show a lot of people the great ability these vans have to navigate tight spaces. Just wish I could have been there to laugh at them as they were being "politely" restrained on the ground.
  2. Ok. Which one of yall decided to run from the police and got taken down hard ??? Saw this and about peed my pants laughing.
  3. Good-by and Good Luck

    Hate to see you leave. I enjoy reading your posts and they are always very informative. But I also understand where you are coming from. It was a pleasure having you as our Mod on here. I suck at good byes, so I will just sat till next time may the Lord bless you and protect you in your journeys.
  4. Hi all newbie here

    Welcome to the group.
  5. Indeed I have. But sometimes I just want to remove the hat and relax, so the shed lining is easier. On a serious note. When I worked at the prison we had an Inmate who always had to have his foil hat with him and on. He really did not like it when we had to remove it to do a search. I worked on the mental health unit and there was never a dull moment at work. And with these self driving cars, I may just wind up there with them one day. Just crazy not having a driver in a car.
  6. It's the NSA. I bet they cracked the code of what my name means and are looking for me. Gotta go hide in my foil lined shed now.
  7. Only 150K Scheduled Maintenance Log

    I am glad that it "sounds" like that. I have jokingly named my personal workshop Eventually Automotive. Cause Eventually I get it figured out. Lol
  8. Was just sitting here reading over the Scheduled Maintenance Log in the owners manual for my 2012 and noticed it only goes to 150K miles. I am entering in all the info for my vehicles into a shop management program to make it easier to access in the shop versus digging out the owners manual each time. But I am 210K on one TC and 220K on the other TC. Does Ford only expect the life expectancy to be 150K miles on these vans ? Guess I will use their list to make a longer list past 150K. Just keep repeating their list over and over and just change the millage. But really makes me wonder if they really only expect these things to last 150K.
  9. Front suspension

    The FTC is built on the same platform as the Ford Focus. I am not 100% positive, but you may be able to use the info from the Focus. I am guessing they would be the same as well. But maybe one of the others can answer this better.
  10. Hello from CT

    As far as finding a sponsor for a Ford Transit Connect Forum, here in NC that would probably be Budweiser. Every night when I pass their plant here on I-85 the parking lot is full of little white Transit Connects with the Budweiser logo on the sides. And who else in America loves to plaster their name on everything more than Budweiser. lol
  11. I finally replaced my radiator over the weekend that has been leaking for the last 5 months or so. Wasn't to bad of a job. I was going to snap pictures during the process but when I had finished I realized I only managed to get these two pictures taken. :( Replaced at 210k miles.
  12. We have been very blessed.
  13. It truly is. We have wanted one for years. The best feeling in the world was working on the first vehicle the other day when we got her up and running. Watching the car go up in the air the first time was awesome. Dad cant get down on the ground much anymore, and I really dont like jacking up an car to work on the ground. So when we were handed the chance to have one added to the new shop we jumped on it. Now I am indoors out of the weather, and do not have to lay on the ground to work. No more excuses not to fix stuff now. LOL
  14. Oil Change

    Amen to both of these. 52" TV for a monitor and I still have to scroll down to see all of most of his posts. But at least when he gets done with the post, very few questions remain on what he was trying to say. We had two local Ford dealers in my county. I purchased my van from the most competent of the two. After the first year of owning my van the dealer closed its doors due to the owner being very ill. (passed away a few months later :( ) The second dealer is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine. The next closest dealer is an hour drive one way from my house. But who needs a dealer when we have each other to help figure things out as the happen.
  15. Winter Tire Thread

    I have been driving on plain ole all season tires since 2012 in the little bit of snow we get here in NC. But I finally met that one slick spot that was meant for me Friday night on my way home from my route. After 10 inches of snow I finally started to have a few issues with the light rear end wanting to kick around. Wound up putting me in the median and would not come out. Got to use the tow hook ford provided and it worked great. Now I am researching snow tires for the workhorse. Good thing I kept all 4 of the OEM steel wheels.
  16. Need help with a 2013 radio removal

    Just noticed you are from King. I done the fireworks shows in King for several years for the 4th of July when I worked for Zambelli Fireworks. King is a nice town, and we were always treated like royalty by the town officials and the citizens alike.
  17. Need help with a 2013 radio removal

    For 2012 and 13 they changed out the design. Grab something to pry the face plate up at the bottom of the radio a bit. It is held in by I think 4 spring clips. Once you have a opening big enough to get your fingers in you should be able to just pull off the face plate with some force to pop the spring clips loose.Then just unhook the switch connectors from the back of the face plate and set it aside. Then there should be I think 4 bolts to remove the radio. I would go out and shoot you a video, but it is raining here for the next few days. But if you can wait I can get it done when it stops raining. May even do it anyways just so it is on here for future reference.
  18. AUX input not working

    have you checked the connections from the AUX port to the back of the AM/FM radio ? Maybe a loose connection or just a plain bad cable ?
  19. AUX input not working

    Not sure what model of Sat. Radio you have. But if you have one of the models that have the built in FM tuner, then I would try to use that feature and see if you get any sound with that method. If you do then I would say it is in the AUX connect to the van radio area where the problem lies. If not then your new radio you have ordered should cure the withdrawals. I know I go nuts if my Sat. Radio is not cranked up. ROCK ON !!!!!!
  20. Bristol UK

    Welcome Mr. Rogers. It is a beautiful day in this neighborhood. Glad to have you as my neighbor.
  21. I have some coming in. They shipped yesterday, cant wait till they get here. Got this idea the other night while following an Ambulance down interstate 40 here in NC. The brake lights would strobe then go steady on. There was no guessing what his intentions were when they came on, it was plain and clear he was slowing down. Also got to speak to one of the EMS crews from that county that added that all of their Ambulances have those LED strobe brake lights, and if they are stopped long enough in traffic, the lights will repeat the strobe to stead on pattern every few minutes as a attention getter to let people know they are stopped. Pretty sure that mine will not have that feature, but then again I have yet to look into the professional emergency lighting world yet for answers. Will research it later on with my emergency equipment supplier and see what I can put together.
  22. I love my hyper flash. I embrace the hyper flash. Just draws more attention to the fact that you should consider moving out of the way or get hit. Looking into getting brake light flashers installed on mine as well.
  23. Installing a CB radio and antenna in the van. Hoping this will help cut down on sitting in traffic on the interstate as well as help keep me awake during my nightly route. Will post some pictures of how everything is going as I get the work done.
  24. I never use commercial car washes. I clean all of my vehicles by hand in the back yard. Just dont trust the machines. (Barely trust myself) lol