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  1. Keep in mind I said I used to use that method. This was before I saw the error in my ways and made corrections. I also never used any kind of wax or sealants at all. I was lazy and cheap. Dawn is not good on paint at all, but it took me a long time to realize that.
  2. Dawn dish washing detergent, garden hose, 5 gallon bucket, pressure washer, and a rag. This is what I used to use for all of my vehicles. In the last year or so I have been playing around with some other stuff. This is not really a detailing site so I will not post up the links and such but there are some really good products out there. But one thing you will find is that the detailing products world is pretty cut throat and very opinionated. And because of this I will not say what I use specifically. But I will send you a link in a pm to the products I use.
  3. Lol. It was supposed to be "now". That is what happens when I try to type on a small touch screen when I first wake up.
  4. I have not had this problem since it was resolved a few months ago. I just done like mrtn and logged in from another computer and no it is requiring me to log in twice each time as well.
  5. Not sure what type of rear brakes the Transits have on them. Are they disc or drum brakes ?
  6. Welcome to the forum and nice work.
  7. This is so true for some many things. :( Here in the State of North Carolina our Governor just passed a law that goes into effect 1 Oct. 2017 outlawing the use of LED light bars on all State maintained highways. This same law will also regulate all other exterior auxiliary lighting including fog lights. Any additional lighting will be limited to no more than two, and must be adjusted so that the lights beam does not fall on the road surface more than 20 feet from the front of the vehicle, nor across the center line into on coming traffic. But yet they intentionally left out the HID and LED headlight conversion kits. Kill one thing that is actually useful to the citizens, and allow the one thing that needs to be addressed. Welcome to American Politics.
  8. Here is a picture of the inside porting of the radio antenna. This is with the shelve and head liner removed. I left the picture its original size so you could see a better detail of it. You can also see the egg shaped indention that mrtn mentioned of where the actual antenna sits.
  9. Have not seen this, but would love to see it. I know several of us would love to know the part number of the LED light they used as well as seeing a picture of it installed and such. I would love to have mine filled in with a nice LED light.
  10. Welcome to the forum.
  11. Welcome Jim.
  12. To be honest I have no clue. My van does not have the speakers in the sliding doors to be able to do a comparison with. But I did ponder the idea of tearing one of the sliding doors apart to see if I can fit some into them. I hope someone else can answer this question.
  13. I will be adding pictures of the install as I make progress on this upgrade. But for now I am just starting the thread and locking it for the time being. Parts should be arriving today. Going to add the pictures of the parts to this main post and then continue with the work pictures below. Also going to unlock this now. Items used in this project:
  14. No clue where it would be located one this model, but here is what the GPS antenna looks like if it was factory installed.
  15. I think this is all it would take to do mine. But one of these days I will probably purchase a junker 2012 from DashHub. Take the 270 doors off and put on mine, part out the rest of the junker, and then scrap yard the shell to recoupe some of my money.
  16. I have managed to get the head unit, speakers front and rear, backup camera, and all of the wires and antennas installed and finished now. Still do not have the van completely back together as I still have a few things to do on the interior as I think of them. I think next up will be mounting a cb antenna to the center of the roof, and then follow that up with some cheap redneck sound deadening. Then to figure out this pesky passenger seat removal. I decided to go with a lip mount backup camera and mount it between the two tag lamps just above the tag. This works but the angle is a little high and the lines on the camera kinda point a little upward. But this is ok with me as I do not rely on cameras alone. Here are the speakers I mounted in the rear barn doors. I really did not want the white, but for the price I can live with it. I also opted to go with the marine grade speakers as I often spend several minutes in the rain with the barn doors open while unloading. And here is the head unit completely installed and blaring the 60's on 6 on SiriusXM. Love this station. (Ignore the mess in the floor boards)
  17. From the album BSUPC Radio Upgrade

  18. From the album BSUPC Radio Upgrade

  19. From the album BSUPC Radio Upgrade

  20. What ever you do @Captainobvious do not read through my radio/navigation install in my 2012. It will only make you cringe at the way I am so amateurly doing this install. LOL Love this thread and will be following it. Maybe I can learn something.
  21. I can tell you the seats on the 2012 are not all that comfy on long hauls. There not awful, but they need improvement. I have the cargo version of the 2012 and it can get a little loud when cruising down the interstate. I can not say on the second gen models as I have never been inside one. This is just my experience with the first gen models that I have.
  22. I would love to find the parts to change my rear barn doors from the 180 degree doors to the 270 degree doors with the magnets to hold them open. This may also be something you may wish to consider also. The 270 doors come in real handy if you are using the rear barn doors a lot. I use mine every time I need to unload along my route each night and haing the 180 doors the wind blows them shut on me all the time. The magnets on the 270's would eliminate this problem. Just something to consider.
  23. I would check with crutchfield.com and see if they have a wiring harness that retains the steering wheel controls for the head unit you wish to use.
  24. Got the headliner completely removed. Here is a shot of the interior connection of the radio antenna. Here is the interior side of the top mounted third brake light. Here is the driver side door panel removed with the new kenwood speaker installed. I decided to run the gps antenna up onto the dash by routing the cable up under the interior panel that holds the air vents and the center dash compartment. I ran the SiriusXM antenna through the under side of the dash, up the A post, through the body underneath the headliner to the rear of the van. Then from there I cam down through the body to the passenger side tail light, then back up through the passenger side rear barn door channel to the top of the van. Here is the head unit in the hole for a test fitting. I have more to do to the van while I have all of this tore apart. I am installing a backup camera, speaker in the rear barn door panels, new cb antenna (dont like the position of the first one), and I am also looking into doing some sound deadening as well. But so far this has been a fun project and I am learning a lot about this little van. I would love to be able to acquire all of the panels for the rear to convert the interior from a van to a wagon minus the rear seats. This would help with the sound deadening a lot.