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    Hey everyone, after ordering in September, I finally got it a few days ago! Everything seems perfect. I put in a Weathertech mat to cover the whole load area from behind the first row to the back. I also swapped out the battery for an AGM to run my ARB Fridge/Freezer. I have a Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket that I brought out of storage and thought I'd try it. My biggest concern was it wouldn't fit in the garage height wise, but it will, still under 7'. I was a bit surprised to see the tire pressure recommended settings at 42psi? I know this is a stretch, but has anyone bought a radar detector mirror mount bracket? The inside rear-view mirror we have might not be compatible with any of the brackets being made, including Blendmount and RadarMount? I sent a note to BlendMount and waiting to hear back. This all might be a mute point, as a radar detector might not work with Ford's InstaClear windshield? I ordered the Upfitter Wiring Harness, still can't figure out what the heck it includes and where? If anyone knows?? I put a coating of Liquid Glass Polish on, here are a few pics...
  2. 2 points
    Just purchase a Ford Transit Connect XLT LWB (passenger) from Planet Ford in Spring, TX. I had just sold my 13 VW Golf TDI back to VW, and had been on the fence on a Connect as it's replacement. I'm opening a bike shop and figured I could use something bigger anyway. I looked at Titanium editions and loaded XLT's, and was even considering holding out for a 2019, but the deal I got at Planet Ford in Spring today on this XLT helped make this decision easier....lol It's Silver Metallic with Charcoal Black cloth interior. Can't wait to pick it up tomorrow. Options include: Pwr adj /fold/ heated mirrors Sync3 HD radio 17" premium painted wheels, Front and rear sensors 2 additional key fobs Now to dive into the forums and figure out some tweaks, hacks, and mods I might want to implement. Thanks in advance for your contributions.
  3. 2 points
    I had the same issue with Thule square bars on my Subaru. The bars made all sorts of whistling racket when they were empty above 50 mph. I used a small 1/4" rope wrapped spirally around the bars about 3" apart for a test and that eliminated the noise. Then switched to 1/8" shock cord I ordered from Amazon with bowline knot loops at each end and they always stay taut. Whisper quiet!
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    WISH LIST!!!!

    On my wish list is a button (a combination of buttons) on the remote that opens all the windows automatically as you approach the car in a hot parking lot. I say "combination" because Honda had this for awhile - a friend found his car packed full of snow when he pocket-dialled his remote in the middle of the night. GK
  5. 2 points

    Patience... Patience

    Just a quick note to say hello while I'm waiting for Ford to build my wagon... (This may go on for a page or two...) I ordered an XL Wagon two weeks ago, after noticing them on the streets for over a decade. I'm in my mid-50s & so far I've only owned two cars. I figure I'll only own two more before I hang up the permit, so I want THIS ONE to be new. My first was a '69 Chevy & I loved the cameraderie of Old Chevy Owners waving to each other. My latest is a '04 Mazda B & I'd need one of those suction-cup wavey hands in the window to cover all the other B pickups I see... I rented a TC van to live with one longer than the 12 minutes the dealer gives you to "test drive," most of which is spent with the salesman yakking in your ear. I found it quite nice - it's not a truck but it's not a car, either. Passing semi-trucks don't blow it off the road and the Traction Control (on the '15 I rented) doesn't make you car-sick as it searches for asphalt in the snow. (I hope the traction control hasn't been updated in the last 3 years...) I camp in the back of my truck frequently, but I am also tired of going out with friends & having to wait for them to catch a bus when we change locations because the pickup has only 2 seats... And I didn't want "my father's" minivan. As I said, I like the "rare birds" of the road, & the other vehicles to suit my needs (Mazda 5, Volks Sportwagen) are all over the place. So are TCs, come to think of it, but they've all got a logo where I will have Windows... 8-) Keith
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    G B L

    Winter Tire Thread

    The real issue with the Snow is practice I have driven lots of types of vehicles in the snow over the years. Some are great some are not, but they all can go where you need most of the time. The key is knowing how the vehicle you are in at the time will handle. The only other rule of thumb is knowing when to stay off the roads when the number of idiot drivers rises to and unacceptable level.
  7. 1 point
    Here's the part number,: 8A6A-13776-A You will have to add a jumper wire to route the switched 12v to the map lamps. It is simple and requires a female spade lug. I installed LED bulbs and recommend the Phillps 194LED bulbs over the cheap ones on Amazon. They have better color, are brighter and don't fail after 2 months.
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    G B L

    Trans locked in park

    Sometimes what is needed is skillful luck!!
  9. 1 point
    G B L

    Just purchased a 2018 Transit Connect!

    Looks great welcome. The 2018 has the simple 2.5 engine and that could be a plus.
  10. 1 point

    Just purchased a 2018 Transit Connect!

    Welcome, I like the color. I have a 2016 Titanium bought new in lat November of '17 - got an incredible deal and I traded a 2008 VW Rabbit (Golf). Now my VW collection is down to a Rabbit and a Jetta wagon. I like the painted wheels, I have the other 17" wheels and they are a hassle to wash. I would have not bought the folding mirrors but have really enjoyed them. I have a shelf unit on the drivers side in my garage and use the folding mirrors to clear when opening the door! Maybe it's because my Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R lives between the two cars in the garage so I have a bit less room. If you are pulling a trailer or have a bike rack on the back there is a switch to turn the parking sensors off. I haven't used it yet as my trailer is complete apart being repainted and repaired but expect to use it soon. This is a great forum and there are lots of helpful folks as well as some great tips. Bought the WeatherTech floor mats for the from and center seats and the big mat for the rear with all of the seats folded down. So far have hauled some lumber, a double oven twice, a dishwasher and a bunch of stuff from IKEA. When hauling the appliances I used the mat and put a piece of MDF on top of it to spread the load and it worked great. Only change to that I'd make is using a rubber mat over the MDF for sliding resistance. They were strapped down but still like have no movement.
  11. 1 point
    Kevin Van Deusen

    fix your broken armrest

    does your armrest sag, and not stay ratcheted into position? I am considering designing and manufacturing a new pawl, that will go inside the armrest. this is a 30 minute fix and would include the pawl and a retainer washer. If you are interested,message me. cost should be about $20 shipped in 48 USA states, more for overseas. Ford does not offer this part as best as I can tell. broken pawl attached as a photo
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    Thanks for all this information!
  13. 1 point
    G B L

    2015 rubber strips on sliding doors?

    3 years and counting,
  14. 1 point
    Avoid square bars. Had a pair in one of my cars, there was always some humming.
  15. 1 point

    Patience... Patience

    GBL: Push-rod straight-6 with a carburetor & breaker-point ignition, on a three-speed gearbox, versus Overhead Cam V6 with multi-port fuel injection & computer-controlled 25000-volt coils, with a five-speed overdrive manual...
  16. 1 point

    Maintenance Costs & Who Can Service TC's

    Depends on where you buy your parts. In the last 8+/- months I've purchased a set of front door latches for just shy of $700, but I also bought a valve cover gasket from my local auto parts store for $21 (Ford dealer wanted $42). My brake rotors are $35 each from the auto parts store. So not too bad. Besides the latches, an issue not everyone has, I haven't had to spend much on my 2010.... And yes, you can take it anywhere you want. I really like my '10, but if someone were to ask me what year to buy, I'd definitely tell them to get the later generation with the V6. My 4 cylinder is a dog. The V6 gets much better fuel economy, or so I've read.
  17. 1 point
    I have very little real experience with maintenance on the TC's. Bought my 2016 in late November and it now has 1,500 miles on it! They are based on the Focus and share many parts with it. I looked under the hood and there is a lot of room under there. No silly engine cover with a built in (hard to get to) air cleaner like my VW's have. Compared to a turbo New Beetly it's a dream! The Forescan application is available for free and is a good electronic diagnosis tool that not only will read and reset codes but will do much more. I got a USB OBD interface from Amazon for $29.99. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01F0GVBWY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Some have had difficulty with it but it worked fine for me - all I did was connect it and run the software. For now I'm back to the dealer till the warranty runs out. There are a couple of places that sell the full service manual. Depending on which version (PDF or PDF with hyperlinks or CD) the cost starts at $79 I think and goes up. I have found this board to be very helpful with questions. Therefore with Forescan, a service manual and the advice of members here it's my opinion service and repair will not be too difficult.
  18. 1 point

    Patience... Patience

    BSUPC: '69 Chevy Nova with a straight-6, 3-on-the-tree, manual steering & manual brakes. Same weight as my Mazda B, & you'd think with 35 years of technology & aerodynamics, they'd find a way to save fuel on an 1800kg chunk of iron. They haven't. But I don't miss doing tune-ups every 3500 miles... breaker-point ignition! GK
  19. 1 point

    2014+ Lowering Springs

    Nevermind I finally found the specs. 12mm in case anyone is curious. Will use 1/2" bolts with the MA817's. Should be perfect.
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    G B L

    Transmission fluid change

    Sounds good The Dyno was a Nice touch
  21. 1 point

    Transmission fluid change

    I just had my transmission fluid flushed today at a local shop. I far as I can tell, from what I could find in my service records, it hadn't been changed for 60,000 miles. It wasn't a cheap service ($315), but they did it in a way I could't have myself.. They ran the van on a dyno while putting it through various gears to make sure the 16 (18?) quarts of ATF made its way through the entire system.
  22. 1 point
    Watch out what you wish for, If you have a good Trans that shifts well a very small oil weep could turn into a major headache if the fix is not carried out well. mrtn soon the hood will be welded closed and the display will just tell you it is time for a new car!!
  23. 1 point
    Yep. I just shelled out another $335 for my second door latch. I'm not comfortable buying those Chinese knockoffs you see on eBay or random auto parts-houses. If it were a door, pin switch I were installing, sure, I'd order from whoever had the best price, but these front door latches are sufficiently complicated that I don't want to take any chances with cheap, no-name manufacturers. 1 hour of labor later, and everything is working fine. Let's hope it stays that way. ~
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    G B L

    General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    I have two sets of wheels and the Summer tires are 215/60/16, and the the current set of winters are stock 215/55/16 . The size difference in my case is unnoticeable. The Ride quality is the major asset in the size change. The vehicle mileage undergoes a definite penalty as the temperature declines. This must also be figured into the mileage equation along with the tire size.
  25. 1 point
    Hopefully parts prices aren't as insane on your side of the country as they are over here.
  26. 1 point
    I'll be installing the new latch this weekend and will report back to let folks know if it fixed the problem or moved to another door switch.
  27. 1 point
    I just followed the instructions in the owners manual, same as I've done in the past with other vehicles. Follow the sequence listed in the required time allotment....done. If you don't get the sequence correct the first time just do it over until it works (doesn't work!). I still have the door open key in ign. chime too and doubt there is an easy way to shut that one off. On my 93 F250 I pulled the ringer module, found the corresponding spade for the door/ign key bell, folded it over and then re-installed the module so the truck would run again. Doing this on a new vehicle these days might upset the computer, but I don't know that for sure. I've read that in the early 2000's around 05' or so on the F series pickups and E vans a person could shut off the perimeter lighting when a door was open themselves by using a similar sequence like the auto door locks. But sadly, Ford seems to have done away with that option.
  28. 1 point
    How did you "shut off" the auto door locks? I don't mind the seat belt reminding me so much but I despise the chiming that occurs simply with the front door open. I'd love to find a way to turn that sucker off that didn't involve a dealership or a degree in computer programming.
  29. 1 point
    I don't have the same problem but I'm just annoyed with so-called "improved" technology. I don't want my doors to lock automatically, I want them to lock when I CHOOSE to lock them. Give me some manual locks and I'm happy. Give me some manual window cranks and I'm happy. Seems you have to pay extra to get something simple theses days. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid.
  30. 1 point
    My 74 day trip is coming to an end. A lot of lessons learned, new friends made and already thinking about my next trip. 5500 miles so far. Currently staying the night in Ocean City, MD. Then heading to Philly and back to Brooklyn, NY. Let me know if you have any questions. -David
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  32. 1 point
    I'm on a Mustang forum and people are changing all sorts of things in the BCM using a program called Forscan.Its working with a lot of other Ford products NOTE: x's are not to be changed (ignore), just change the positions indicated by letters/numbers/? Description Module Line Action Contributor/Verified By: 12v Powerpoint Timeout (Default) BCM 726-39-01 : 1194 xxxx xxxx Enable (Default-74 minutes 44 seconds) 12v Powerpoint Timeout (Immediate Timeout) this changes the 12v power outlets on the dash and in the center console BCM 726-39-01 : 0001 xxxx xxxx Calculate different timeout periods DeltaNu1142 Auto-Relock - If you unlock your car by remote/fob, but don't open a door, then vehicle re-locks after 45 seconds BCM 726-15-02 : 0101 0101 01xx Enable solodogg Auto-Relock Option in Instrument Cluster (Note: must set Auto-Relock to enable in BCM also to get auto-relock option to work) IPC 720-01-01 xxxx ?xxx xxxx Change ? To: 1-Disabled (off-default), 5-Enabled (on) solodogg Base->Sync3 Swap, Enable Drive Mode Toggle EB&V6 ABS 760-02-02 : xxxx 1xxx Enable Base->Sync3 Swap, Enable Drive Mode Toggle GT noPP ABS 760-02-02 : xxxx 3xxx Enable Base->Sync3 Swap, Enable Drive Mode Toggle GT PP ABS 760-02-02 : xxxx 7xxx Enable Base->Sync3 Swap, Enable Drive Mode Toggle Part 2 IPC 720-06-01 : xxxx xxxx x8xx Enable Base->Sync3 Swap, Fix Hazard Toggle BCM 726-29-02 : xxxx xxx0 xx Enable Blindspot Option on IPC - Enable/Disable (if you have the driver/passenger Blindspot mirrors) IPC 720-03-01 ?xxx xxxx xxxx Change ? To: 2-Disabled (off), 6-Enabled (on) solodogg Cross-Traffic Alert (Note: This only changes what is displayed on the Instrument Cluster, you still not hardware changes for functionality) IPC 720-01-01 xxxx xxxx ?xxx Change ? To: 6-disable, 7-enable Door Ajar Chimes IPC 720-01-02 : xx?x xxxx xxxx Change ? To: 0-Disable (off), 1-Enable (on-default) gt_stang Double Honk Reminder (Engine On, No Keyfob) BCM 726-41-02 : xxx? xxxx xxxx Change ? To: 0-Disable (off), 1-Enable (on-default) AngelDeath Engineer Test Mode https://youtu.be/StYM-b8cos8 Press and hold Left 'OK' button on Steering Wheel, Start Car, Continue holding Left 'OK' button until Engineer Data shows on Instrument Cluster NasaStang Lights - Fog Lights Off with Turn Signal BCM 726-28-02 : xxxx x1xx xxxx Enable AngelDeath Lights - Fog Lights Stay On when using Turn Signal BCM 726-28-02 : xxxx 0000 xxxx Enable AngelDeath Lights - Simultaneous High Beams & Fog Lights BCM 726-27-01 : xxxx xxx0 xxxx Enable AngelDeath Lights - Simultaneous High Beams & Fog Lights BCM 726-27-01 : xxxx xxx1 xxxx Disable AngelDeath Line-Lock Enable/Disable (GT Only) ABS & IPC Must enable/disable on both modules Enable/Disable using the FORSCAN Drop-down menus dave- MFT - Navigation Enable (Note: You still need a Nav license file and the Nav SD card installed in your car-See separate Tab at bottom for steps) APIM 7D0-01-02 x?xx xxxx xxxx Change ? to: 0-Disabled (off), 4-Enabled (on) solodogg MyColor Power - Door Sills : Convertibles Only (allows you to control the color of illuminated door sills) BCMB 7B7-01-01 : xxx2 xxxx x3xx Enable Nemesis911 MyColor Power & Support BCMB 7B7-01-01 : xxx0 xxxx x0xx Disable MyColor Power & Support (hardware required) BCMB 7B7-01-01 : xxx2 xxxx x2xx Enable Navigation In Motion - Enable/Disable (Note: This will also disable Sirius Travel Link/911 Assist) APIM 7D0-02-01 : x?xx xxxx xxxx Change ? to: 5-Disable (off-default), 7-Enable (Non-US Region) Panic Alarm On Fob Disabled BCM 726-37-01 xxxx xxx0 xxxx Disable Panic Alarm On Fob Enabled BCM 726-37-01 : xxxx xxx2 xxxx Enable Panic Alarm On Fob Requires 2 Presses BCM 726-37-01 xxxx xxx1 xxxx Enable Police Dark (Stealth) Mode - keeps your interior (and Pony) lights off when you enter/exit/turn off vehicle BCM 726-32-01 : xxxx x?xx xxxx Change ? To: 0-Disable (off-default), 1-Enable (on) AngelDeath Rear Axle Ratio (3.15) BCM 726-12-01 : 013B xxxx xxxx Enable Rear Axle Ratio (3.31) BCM 726-12-01 : 014B xxxx xxxx Enable Rear Axle Ratio (3.55) BCM 726-12-01 : 0163 xxxx xxxx Enable Rear Axle Ratio (3.73) BCM 726-12-01 : 0175 xxxx xxxx Enable Rear Axle Ratio (4.10) BCM 726-12-01 : 019A xxxx xxxx Enable Rear Parking Aid Option on IPC - Enable/Disable IPC 720-02-02 ??xx xxxx Change ?? To: 08-Disable (off), 1A-Enable (on) solodogg Remote Window Open - Press and release unlock on fob, then press and hold unlock button (NOTE: Remote Window Close will not work due to hardware limitation) BCM 726-17-02 : x?x? x?x? x?xx Change ? To: 0-Disable (off-default), 1-Enable (on) Redraven571 Secure Idle - Enable (Automatics Only) BCM 726-42-01 : x1xxx xxxx xxxx If car is running and fob is removed, shifter can't be moved from Park Speedometer Correction - Change tires/rearend BCM 726-12-01 : xxxx ???? xxxx Change ???? To: value as calculated in the link to the right Spart Stereo Extended Play APIM 7D0-01-01 : xx?x xxxx xxxx Change ? To: A-Off, 2-20 minutes, 3-30 minutes, 4-40 minutes, 5-50 minutes, 6-60 minutes Sync 3 - Change colors of buttons on bottom of screen (volume overlay and music track progress bar colors also change) NOTE: You will now get 'Ford' shutdown screen APIM 7D0-03-01 xxxx x?x? xxxx Change ? To: x0x2 dotJake Sync 3 - Display Soft Climate Buttons (Seat Cooling & Heating & Heated Steering Wheel) on Home Page APIM 7D0-01-01 : xxxx xxxx x?xx Change ? To: 0-Disable (off), 1-Seat Cooling, 2-Seat Heating/Cooling, 3-Seat Heating, 4-Heated Steering Wheel, 6-All Sync 3 Startup Animation APIM 7D0-02-01 : xxxx x?xx xxxx Change ? To: 2-Ford, 3-Black Label, 4-Raptor, 5-Mustang Pony, 6-Mustang GT, 7-GT350 Gray, 8-Vignale, 9-GT350R Red, A-Ford Tire Mobility Kit Option on IPC - Disable/Enable IPC 720-03-02 ?xxx xxxx Change ? To: C-disabled (off), D-enabled (on) solodogg TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor System) - Disable/Enable BCM 726-08-01 : x?xx xxxx xxxx Change ? To: 0-Disable (off), 1-Enable (on-default) Turn Signal - Hyper-Flash Disable (turns off the quick flash of turn signal if you have a turn signal bulb out/broken - great for folks upgrading to LED bulbs) BCM 726-27-01 x?xx xxxx xxxx Change ? To: 1-on (default), 0-off (no hyperflash) D24112 Turn Signal - Lane Change # of Flashes (quick/temporary movement of turn signal lever) SCCM 724-01-01 : xxxx x?xx xx Change ? To: 0-3=1 flash, 4-5=2 flashes, 6-7=3 flashes, 8-9=4 flashes, A-B=5 flashes, C-D=6 flashes, E-F=7 flashes Vehicle Chimes Location (where vehicle chimes are heard from) IPC 720-01-01 xxxx xxx? xxxx Change ? To: 0-Internal IPC speaker, 4-ACM/Vehicle Speakers (default) solodogg VIN # BCM 726-09-01 VIN #: (first 5 characters in ASCII converted to Hex) fionic VIN # BCM 726-09-02 VIN #: (character 6 of VIN in ASCII converted to Hex) fionic VIN # BCM 726-10-01 VIN #: (characters 7-11 in ASCII converted to Hex) fionic VIN # BCM 726-10-02 VIN #: (character 12 in ASCII converted to Hex) fionic VIN # BCM 726-11-01 VIN #: (last 5 characters in ASCII converted to Hex) fionic
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    Isn't this the cutest van

    THAT was certainly worth the watch!
  34. 1 point

    Isn't this the cutest van

    Never forget: https://youtu.be/537FDgzGv2A
  35. 1 point
    I was frustrated that there was no passenger armrest in my TC . I built one using the factory cupholder, ABS pipe and caps, plywood, carriage bolts and some cheap armrests from Canadian Tire.
  36. 1 point

    New wagon owner

    I had been looking for one for a while and saw one on Carmax that I wanted to get. So I pulled the trigger a bit sooner than I expected since my 08 Scion xB decided to die on the way home from camping Sunday. After 217k miles it had enough. So I had to buy the wagon a day early. Love the color and the features. I am planning on a new headunit since I want to use GPS and I don't want to do a mount for my phone. One of the nice things about the Scion was the center gauges gave you a nice spot to velcro the phone right in front of you. Carmax was great to deal with. Very straight forward I paid 200 to get it shipped from Chicago to Cincy. Set up an appointment went in to test drive it and noticed a bit of a spot on the passenger seat. They have a team of detailers there on staff so in about 30 minutes it was spotless. Car has 25k on it now and was a rental. I am taking it to my buddies garage tomorrow just to make sure nothing is weird. Carmax gives you 5 days to change your mind.
  37. 1 point

    New member

    Welcome, it is very versatile. What attracted me was the ability to haul people or haul stuff or take seats out and haul more stuff and or camp in it. Plus it fits in my garage.
  38. 1 point
    I've been looking for a TC for a few months now. My local dealers didn't have anything new that had the features I wanted and I really didn't want to wait 6 months and order a new 2018 or pay full sticker either. I fly model airplanes and had rented a TC for a work trip last year and fell in love the TC and knew it was going to be my next vehicle. I wanted a 14-17 with Sycn 3 and Navigation, leather, LWB and it had to be in Red or Blue either XLT or Titanium. I figured the last car I compromised and got the color my wife wanted (white) and I was going to get the color I wanted this time. Plus I wasn't in a hurry and had been looking for a while anyway. I did find a hand full of used 2017 Titanium's locally but everyone was firm on their pricing and honestly asking too much and over my budget. About a month ago I found a 2014 that was perfect in AZ but the dealer backed out of the deal and demanded an extra $3k...so the hunt continued. I got my brother helping me look and he has a friend with a car lot and was able to help me look at auctions but nothing came up that was the right fit for me.. I finally found a 2017 Green/Gray one (color choice #3) but the dealer was into it way too much and wouldn't come down. I finally found a blue one locally and he was able to come down to the price I wanted to pay but there was an auction for another on the next morning. I decided to try on the auction but it ended up going for WAY more than it should have but the blue dealer sensing I was going to pass made me an offer that I couldn't turn down. Now the funny part is that I was about to head over the credit union to get the check and head up to the dealer to pick up the TC, my brother calls me and says "guess what I just bought?" He bought the Green one I had looked at earlier. Turns out the dealer was finally ready to make a deal too. So, my brother and I both bought 2017 TC LWB Titanium's with the exact same specs on the same day! He is a golf rep and it's a perfect fit for him and for me and my model airplanes I couldn't be happier!
  39. 1 point

    Heavier struts?

    Front drive car and rear sway replaced as well. Different beast. I've had 2 miata's, still miss the MSM with FM stuff. Looking at the ND's now, the old school "tuner car" mods from BBR is VERY interesting. As is the 250hp turbo (5-7psi boost!!)
  40. 1 point

    Heavier struts?

    Sway bar for body roll, but heavier sway bar with less roll means more transfer of the load to the tires, meaning earlier loss of traction at the limit. Leaning on the suspension actually gives you MORE traction in corning. At the point the suspension stops extending (leaning), the load transfers to the tire side walls and when those flex as much as they can, the tire loses traction suddendly and decisively. Meaning it feels better in normal driving but if you ever are in a max cornering situation (too fast into a turn) your absolute limits are reduced. The first time I put bigger, "handling" sway bars on a VW GTI I had made it into an absolute go-cart on the road. Felt like you were velcro'd to the road. But the first time i cornered fast, on a reducing radius turn I completely spun out as the tires broke loose considerably earlier than it did before the sway bars. No free lunches with physics.
  41. 1 point

    Brake wear

    i got a 2014 connect and the wheels are black within a week because of brake dust, i changed the disc and pads but i noticed the sliding pins that hold the calipers on where dry as hell so i made sure i used copper grease on all the pins. basically when dry there is still contact on the pads causing excess dust, basically a tiny bind on the discs,its only a 2 year old van and ford never grease anything once i had done all the replacements and everything greased up the brakes are now spot on and brake dust is minimal because the when braking and releasing the pins now slide back enough not to contact the pads saving money in the future on premature brake and disc wear. and to top it off i painted the calipers silver and they look brand new.
  42. 1 point
    I don't have the exact figures of the spring ratings (im sure I will in the next few days), but it rides like pretty much every application specific coil over equipped car I have ridden in that wasn't bottomed all the way out. The way I went about parts cross referencing as well, the application I chose to shop shared the SAMe EXACT part number for Coil springs in the Ford Parts catalog as the Transit Connect LWB Van. I can't delve too far into what application just yet, considering the following: I posted the above pic to the MEGAN FB page and got a response inquiring about the application I used, and I expressed my concerns about improvements/changes that could be made to the rear to basically seal the deal on this being a TRUE "suitable for retail" application to be added to their catalog. For that I want to hold off for a few days on letting out the info. I actually tried contacting the folks at Fortune Auto considering they aren't but a 20 min drive from me, but the person on the other end of the message box either had no clue what I was talking about (doubt it) or didn't want to help me with info thinking I was up to no good,after free stuff, or either assumed I was a "BS'er". I really just wanted to be able to "put hands and eyes on" to measure/eyeball the items before I purchased. I even COMMITTED to buying whatever worked while I was there. Isuppose they didn't want some dude with a VAN coming around to help add to their product line up. I have noticed a lot of folks looking to "lift" ..... I can assure you that this particular set of coil overs in the FRONT will give AT LEAST 2" lift over stock considering how much of the threaded adjustment is left on the shock body when it was set close to "stock" ride height (approx 3.5/4". Not to mention, the pre-threaded aluminum perches leave just over an inch of stud left sticking out of the top of the shock tower. I'm sure that would be good to run a solid strut spacer without an sort of worry about failure. As for the bumper - I did have them painted (came as black), and they actually match perfectly. The reason they look a different shade is that the entire van received a decent wax before adding the painted parts. Tripping to PA/NY/FL over the past 4 months without bathing it has retained dirt better on the non-waxed parts. The van actually spends more sitting in between long runs than anything. it only has 10k on the odo in right at a year of use, but its been to West NC 4 times, FL once, PA twice , NY once, and a few other... really no where that wasn't over an 1:30 one way. I need to clean it lol Here's a few I grabbed today in the rain. Excuse the rake, I raised it up a bit to load a motorcycle and deliver across town, this was on my way out of the drop off.
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    Bought a new key and Fob today

    Lucky me! I got four 'smart' keys with my 2015 TC wagon I then ordered two 'dumb keys One 'dumb' key is hidden on the outside somewhere one 'smart' key is hidden on the inside somewhere Lose my keys? no problem! Retreive the dumb key to unlock the doors, then retreive the smart key to get home ans one dumb key is used so when I go to the ocean ,I tie it on my pants and there is no transponder to get messed up by salt water
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    Top Cat

    Brake wear

    Today, I installed new Rabestos premium rotors, EBC Greenstuff pads, and Motul 5.1 brake fluid. It is too soon to determine just how good they are. I need about 500 miles to bed them in. One thing that I do have to say tho is a big THANK YOU to JWWOODY. I never could have installed that anti-vibration spring without your hint and taking the wheel off the other side to see exactly how the factory did it. BTW, this youtube vid shows an great way to remove a stuck rotor. I tried everything on my old rotor. I spent hours burning, banging with a sledge and spraying p-oil. This method had the rotor off in mere seconds.
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    Mine is getting worse. Guess I am going to have to break down and put a new one in it.