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    I just got these tires today and some 16 inch steel wheels. BFG K02 215/65r 16 Tirerack.com has the wheels on close out for $40 right now. The front tires rub slightly at full lock when turning but it's no big deal to me. I trimmed a very small portion of the rear felt on the wells cause they rubbed on bumps. Like a very small 1 inch trim.
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    Yeah it's a cable shift, same as the Focus ST. Vaccar has ordered the OEM shifter that I found from Ford Parts UK. I wasn't able to find proof that anyone swapped an ST gear knob onto a TC shifter, so I bought the whole assembly with the leather knob just in case the ST one won't go on there. Cost an extra $50, so not a huge deal. I expect that to take 2-3 weeks total to get to Vaccar. In the mean time, they're going to start on the engine installation and then move to the wiring harness. Last week they installed the brake and gas pedals from the FoST, they fit perfectly, just like the clutch did. The LSD was at a transmission shop last week and got installed, and they took the opportunity to take a look at the clutch to make sure it was in good shape. It is a Spec Stage 3+ clutch, which is pretty aggressive and a lot more race oriented than I would have chosen myself. Vaccar test drove the ST before pulling the motor and transmission though and didn't think the clutch was annoying or difficult like you'd expect from such an aggressive setup. So, I'm going to leave it like that for now and see if I get used to it. If not, I'll swap in a more OEM type organic clutch and sell the Spec one. Based on what they said it felt like driving the FoST though, I think it will be fine. They didn't experience any chatter or anything. Spec also looked at pictures of the clutch and said it was very new looking - just broken in. So lots of life left there.
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    Be careful for what you wish for! As we head into a centralized, big brother dystopian world, these cars will go where big brother wants you to go, non necessarily where you want to go. Your behavior has been questionable so it's time for your car to shuffle you down to your local police station for questioning. Got an attitude? We'll take care of that.
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    Here are a couple of photos of the utility floor that I just finished building for my 2014 LWB Transit Connect. The floor is constructed from two sheets of 1/2" underlayment plywood (glued and screwed together) and covered with vinyl garage flooring. The floor can be easily removed. It is fastened down using 3/8" bolts at 6 points. I used three strips of L-track to allow for a variety of tie-down options for hauling motorcycles and other items. I plan to make a couple of cross bars with eye bolts at the ends to create tie down points near the walls of the van and past the edges of the plywood. The cross bar can be bolted to the L-track. I should be able get two motorcycles inside by using the cross bars for the tie downs and the outer L-track strips for the wheel chock. When carrying two motorcycles, the front wheel has to be turned toward the side doors to provide handlebar clearance.
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    We took an extended test drive up to Woodland Park to see how it would perform on steep grades. It went pretty well. This helped us make our decision to buy the TC. We had our son transfer in a TC from Oklahoma with the Titanium package and panoramic glass roof. I fly to Omaha next Thursday to pick it up and drive it back to Colorado. The dealer is installing the trailer tow package ahead of my arrival. The only thing I wanted and wasn't able to get is the 2nd row bench.
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    I decided to convert my 2015 TC LWB Wagon into a Van. I got the Wagon because of the incentives, the 6 month or more delay on a custom Van order, and the Wagon had most of the features I wanted to customize a Van with. But my lifestyle rarely involves a single passenger, and never a need for 7, so the seats were more of a hindrance than a benefit. Although the flat deck provided with both rows folded is the best implementation of cargo duty in a passenger vehicle I’ve seen, I wanted more space and storage. So I set about a slow conversion process, trying things for a few days until the next improvement necessary became apparent. I’ve waited until the process seemed to be pretty final before writing this up to share. I’ll try to hit the highlights in the photos and descriptions below. But here’s the final result.
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    Thanks for the tip on some Volvo wheels fitting our TCs. Found a set of studded tires on some American Racing wheels in OEM/Volvo fitment on the cheap. Swapped the studs to the factory steel rims and threw the contis on the alloys. Looks sooo much better
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    With companies offering greater innovation including software it seems to be both a blessing and a curse. The blessings result from a reasonable world view. The real world view perhaps suggests otherwise. With the world in turmoil, it is not inconceivable that, given that the nuclear clock has been moved forward to 30 seconds before midnight (nuclear war) is now very possible. Some say that America is planning a first strike, and given that the Russian nukes and defenses are four generations more advanced that America's, it's likely that America will likely suffer some serious damage, especially among the coastal cities. Also given that some of the nukes are designed to knock out electronic systems, would it not be wise to keep an old pre-software beater, should you survive the initial attack. It seems that one cannot depend upon either politicians or corporations to influence backing away from the brink of nuclear war because they are part of the military industrial complex and therefor reluctant to back away from profitable governmental contracts. So again, although likely pollyanna positivism, would it not be a good idea to keep an old beater in good mechanical condition? Just sayin'.
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    The computer just wants the overall circumference of the tire to remain the same as the OE tires. You can install 16 or even 17 inch wheels so long as you adjust the tire size so the overall circumference remains the same For example, if you were to buy a set of 16" wheels, you could swap from your stock 205/65 R15's to a set of 205/60 R16's and your size would be less than 1% off the stock size and they would work just fine If you like any of the Ford OEM alloys, you could buy a good used set, or you could buy any quality aftermarket wheel and everything would work just fine. I recently put a set of 2012 Ford Focus alloys on my TC Don
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    yes its a rear entry and the floor had been dropped a few inches,I called the dealer and they are amazing to deal with and said when it was converted the suspension should of been updated as well.they are going to send me to there technician and correct the problem at no cost which relieves me after paying for this LoL
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    Here is what I done. I decided that I was not ever going to put the crappy factory speakers back in. You have to remove the factory speaker from the ring that is screwed into the door and you will be re-using this ring. I have a grinder and just grinded down the ring until the new speaker was flush. Another benefit is that the new speakers wiring terminals aligned perfectly with the factory terminals. I soldered them together and now I have a factory look and no one is the wiser. I used JL Audio speakers. Tweeters are mounted in factory tweeter location. They were easy to sandwich between the plastic pieces on the A pillar and are invisible. The factory hole for the tweeters was perfect for the JL tweeters. Pics attached
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    Just joined, recently drove my new company vehicle off the lot and back to the shop to have custom graphics by our art department. I work for a petroleum services company that builds, works on, tests, and inspects gas stations. I am the primary Designated Operator which inspects stations for regulatory compliance. Company bought the 2016 Connect for the purpose of inspections and light service work. Love it, and look forward to learning more in this group.
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    Got the Laminate Planks in,,,the silver colored oak was a special order item,,,fawn looked good enough, plus it will match the beagles fur when they shed LOL. stuff is super easy to work with,,,I used my trusty knockout set to punch the access holes to the floor bolts. The Tie downs hold the entire floor securely in place, so no tape, glue or velcro needed! I hope this floor lasts a while,,,if not, it will come back out!
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    I've still not gotten over not making the front vent window anymore. I was driving an old red pickup along a winding country road one day, holding on to the steering wheel, with a burger in one hand and a coke in the other, when a bumble bee hit the vent window and landed between my legs. The bee was buzzing and really pissed. My life flashed before my eyes. I dropped everything and when I got the truck to slow down enough I bailed out the door. When I caught up to the truck the bee was gone. Pheewww! Despite that I still love the old vent windows.
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    Hello all, You can see the specs for the wheels in the Wheels & Tires section of the forum. Here's a few pics of my '16 LWB Cargo all shined up!
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    Oh, Norfolk, I drove a van off the pier there once in a bad fog many years ago. LOL
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    I have just posted some new photos showing some of my latest additions to my TC RV. A sink, extra storage, shore power AC and screens. Take a look. Many more photos of this project at: http://www.semperkeith.com/ Now all I need is a trip and I have a couple in mind.
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    I recently put 18's on mine and really the ride is barely more rough than the 16's I took off. I'll take some pics tomorrow so you can see the offset but I think they turned out awesome.
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    Boomer, I just read my 2012 TC Owners Manual and it made no mention of not leaving an accessory, like a Fan Tastic Endless Breeze portable fan, plugged in overnight. I have a high power alternator that charges both my car battery and a stereo amp battery. The fan would not drain these batteries if left on overnight. Since Ford did not indicate a safety reason for not leaving the fan plugged in over night, I suspect that it is safe to do so. Unless someone has some knowledge or personal experience otherwise I plan to use it. Interesting topic. I also plan to install a carbon monoxide alarm just in case. Also planning to build an elevated bed and a wooden wall to protect the large base box speakers placed six inches from the rear doors facing the doors. The wooden wall will protect the amp and speakers from the cargo area under the bed. It will not be as dolled up as some but it will be functional, sleep two, and have incredible sound. I'll post pictures when complete. I begin the modifications tomorrow and should have them completed in about a week. NOTE: I read this interesting warning regarding aftermarket stereo installation,. Installing stereo loudspeakers may interfere with and adversely affect the Afvance Trac with RSC system. Install loudspeakers as far from the front center console in order to minimize the risk. Reducing the effectiveness of the Advance Trac with RSC system could lead to an increased risk and loss of vehicle control. Woah! What's that all about? Any experience anyone? I may have to sound deaden the console. Wow! I spoke to a Pro Audio Shop owner today whom I've known for many years. He does the car audio for pro sports figures, stars, etc., as well as loafer's like me. Anyway, he said that he had installed pro systems in many cars with far more advanced electronics than the Connect without incident. He has also installed them in Ford trucks and cars that have the Advance Trac system with no reported troubles. Further he indicated that many Fords, including some Connects, do have an on off button for the system. The Connects that do not have that on off button can also turn it off by scrolling through the electronic menu. Not sure how to do that yet but will find out. So the stereo seems to be largely a non issue in his experience. I'll let you know how it goes once I have it installed and try it out on the road. Darn I wish Ford wouldn't throw those disclaimer paragraphs in the owners guide.
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    I took both second and third row seats out of my 2015 TC. Just four T50 bolts per seat. Third row has one bolt at each corner. Second row has two bolts at the front of each seat side rail. No tricks on the third row other than sliding the seat forward and back to access the bolts at each end. Second row just remove bolts with seat unfolded, then fold down and latch seat before trying to remove. There is a locating pin on the bottom of each rail, so pull straight up until that pin is out.
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    If your original tires have lasted 5 years and are not yet worn out (I agree, I would change them now) I would give serious consideration to sticking with that exact same tire, even if they cost me $30 or $40 more for each tire. IMO, it would be false economy to go searching for something cheaper . . . . just because it's cheaper. It's a good bet the Falkens wouldn't last you 5 years, so how much would you really be saving?? You can order them from Tire Rack for lots less than $250 each (somebody is really trying to rip you off . . . or they're trying to sell you something else they carry) and Wally World will install them for you. The Continentals are $97.25 each at Tire Rack Don
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    Here is the procedure from the owners manual . If you have access to a TPMS tool The job is easier. Hope this helps. Carrying Out the System Reset Procedure Read the entire procedure before carrying out a system reset. 1. Drive your vehicle above 20 mph (32 km/h) for at least two minutes and then park in a safe location where you can easily get to all four tires and have access to a tire inflation pump. 2. Switch the ignition off. 3. Switch the ignition on with the engine off. 4. Turn the hazard flashers on then off three times, this must be completed within 10 seconds. If the reset mode has been entered successfully, the horn will chirp once and the system indicator will flash. If this does not occur, repeat the procedure from step 2. If after repeated attempts to enter the reset mode, the horn does not chirp and the system indicator does not flash, have your vehicle checked by an authorized dealer as soon as possible. 5. Train the system sensors in the tires using the following reset sequence starting with the left front tire and following a clockwise order: Left front, right front, right rear, left rear. 6. Remove the valve cap from the valve stem on the left front tire. Decrease the air pressure until the horn chirps. Note: The single horn chirp confirms that the sensor identification code has been learned by your vehicle for this position. If a double horn chirp is heard, the reset procedure was unsuccessful and must be repeated. 7. Remove the valve cap from the valve stem on the right front tire. Decrease the air pressure until the horn chirps. 8. Remove the valve cap from the valve stem on the right rear tire. Decrease the air pressure until the horn chirps. 9. Remove the valve cap from the valve stem on the left rear tire. Decrease the air pressure until the horn chirps. Training is complete when the horn chirps after the last system sensor (left rear) has been trained and the system indicator stops flashing. 10. Switch the ignition off. If two short horn chirps are heard, the reset procedure was unsuccessful and must be repeated. Note: If after repeating the procedure two short horn chirps are heard again, have your vehicle checked by an authorized dealer as soon as possible. 11. Set all four tires to the correct pressure See Maintenance (page 177). or the tire inflation pressure label (located on the edge of driver door or
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    If you are starting with a cargo van maybe this stuff would work well for the final layer on the floor. it is inexpensive and easy to install. It is easily replaced if damaged and easy to clean. You can find various thickness and colors.
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    2015 XLT LWB Wagon..got it in..cabin air filter... Two plastic clips pop out the cover panel below glove box.. I squeezed the glove box so it would hang way down...did not remove it. Filter door uncoils..no screws..old out..squeezed/acordian style the new filter..shoved it in and it instantly expanded.... Cover panel clipped back in..re-hung the upper glove box stops and reinserted the two clips holding the lower cover panel in... DONE.
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    Keep in mind, the octane posted on U.S. pumps is the average of the MON method plus how it is meassured in Europe (RON method) divided by two. Look at the yellow sticker on the pump that displays the octane number. In little print under the octane number it shows R+M/2 as how the octane rating is calculated so 87 in the U.S. is not the same as 87 in Europe. RON method is used in Europe and is always higher than MON and the rating in the U.S.
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