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  3. @jackgrimshaw - congrats on getting the dark mode enabled. What year is your TC? I'm jealous. I've now gone to two different dealers and neither one can figure out how to properly execute the SSM. So frustrating. With the second dealer, the first appointment (1.5hrs) later resulted in no change. Went back a 2nd time after they updated their computer and had two different techs give it a try. Two hours later, same result, no change. Service Advisor showed me a printout showing that the approach lights were disabled but it doesn't work. Service advisor said he'd check with Ford but it's been over a month now. I wish I could have my service advisor contact the tech that was able to get yours done for a consult on how to do this. I've all but given up hope on getting this change made. When I check my vehicle under Ford ETIS, it shows the BCM version as never being updated. Still shows the factory build date and no change history. If the dealer updated the BCM, as required to make this change, I would expect to see that update under ETIS per what a previous poster had shown.
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  5. Isn't this the cutest van

    THAT was certainly worth the watch!
  6. Isn't this the cutest van

    Never forget: https://youtu.be/537FDgzGv2A
  7. Isn't this the cutest van

    Time for a new Ford SuperVan.....
  8. I mentioned this on another thread: the backup sensors are disabled when you have a trailer connected. You should be able to connect a dummy load on the trailer plug to permanently disable the sensors. But this will require some wiring and testing to determine how much load (resistor size) is needed. You will also have to simulate all lights and and turn signals to avoid a burned out bulb message. This is may be too complicated, but it will work.
  9. Another note on buying a used TC, apparently some of the earlier Gen 2 automatics have had some issues. At some point Ford made some minor changes to the seals and gaskets. There are some discussion on the board about changing transmission fluid. I wouldn't not buy one with higher miles, but would change the transmission fluid. I'm to sure if mine has the changes but irregardless I plan on changing fluid in the 50,000 mile range. VW had a similar issue around 2008 with their Aisin Warner transmission, said it was sealed for life but fluid needed to be changed at 70,000 to 80,000 miles with full synthetic being the best fluid. About the only fluid Ive seen that is really lifetime is coolant. Did extensive research a couple of years ago and in a clean system, the high quality European coolants last very well.
  10. Hey Justin, I normally have my bike rack hooked up so I was getting annoyed by the back up sensor yelling at me every time I went in reverse. I haven't found a way to permanently disable it but on my '14 XLT Titanium, there's a button on the center counsel I just remember to hit everytime you first turn on the car which will stay on the duration of your trip, until the next time you turn off the car. Also, for what it's worth we have bench seats in the second row. Regarding the rubberized mat... if you can't find anything online with a specific fit, you may try Tractor Supply as I believe they sell large rubberized barn mats that could be trimmed to fit. We used to have a Honda Element and that was one of our favorite features, the rubberized carpet... now having two young kids and two big dogs, I'd love to replace our carpet with rubber in the Connect :D Love to see what you figure out here. Good luck on your search!
  11. Awesome set-up r1alvin! Currently planning an abbreviated version of this for mountain adventures this spring & summer with my wife, two young girls and two big dogs. Definitely some great inspiration here and the pups look content
  12. Ford Driving Skills for Life celebrates its 15th anniversary this year with significant program expansions and the addition of new technologies to help new drivers stay safe on the road. View the full article
  13. Dual Passenger set for 3 people up front?

    These are available all over Europe. I have a 3-seater too. It requires a middle seat belt (bolted to the rigid bulkhead). Note that the bench seat is not as comfortable as the bucket seats due to thinner padding, there are flip-up mechanisms under the seats.
  14. Dual Passenger set for 3 people up front?

    Is dual passenger seats so you can have 3 people up front something that is possible in the transit connect in the US? I didnt think so but these two websites seem to show otherwise. I did some ebay searching and found these type sof seats but wondering if this is a UK only thing. https://www.greencarreports.com/image/100510286_2016-ford-transit-connect-swb-xlt-front-seats https://www.topgearmotorsni.com/used-ford-transit-connect-castlederg-county-tyrone-1366561 Any upfitters make these?
  15. Fully loaded! iSup board, MTB, all gear and tools asociated with that and 2 Hounds! Headed to Hot Springs Arkansas to race the Kodiak Tough Enduro on the Lovit trail!
  16. Probably a made up name, but a good story nonetheless.
  17. A big thanks to Mickster(and others) for providing the info that helped me resolve this issue.Here is a recap: I called the service dept at the dealer where I bought the vehicle before my first service was due and gave "my story" ( My wife and I camp a lot and I have built a camp kitchen that my wife uses through the rear doors.Whenever we open the doors,all the perimeter lights come on which light up half the campground.The lights stay on for 9 mins.I timed them.I feel this is rude to other campers and this is an embarassment for my wife.We often camp with my 11 yr old granddaughter and you know what kids are like.I stated that I participated in an online TC forum,others had the same complaint,some were able to disable this feature under warrantee,I had a copy of a factory SSM on how to disable this but it required a reprograming of the BCM.I want to have this done when I bring the TC in for sevice.) The service rep didn't have a clue and passed me to the "truck guy".Gave my story again.He also had no clue and when I mentioned "dark mode" he went silent for a moment and then asked what that meant.I explained. He then said that when I came in for my service to bring in a copy of the SSM. A month later I called to arrange for " The Works" ( oil,inspection,tire rotation etc.) and gave my story again. Showed up early,talked about the service and other issues,handed over the SSM and gave my story.The next rep over looks over and laughs " You're the dark mode guy".They got together and wrote up the service request as though I was complaining about battery drain.We then chatted for a bit about who we know and how the dealership had grown.The usual crap.His name was Bob. I picked up the truck that night,place was mobbed but everybody was smiley.They charged for service but adjusting the headlights up ,a recall issue and upgrading the "PCM" were under warrantee.Should have checked. Well I did check when I got home and no change in the perimeter lights. Called Bob the next day,gave my story, pointed out the difference between "BCM and PCM" and he said he would get together with the service manager and see what they could do.Please email a copy of the SSM. Got a call from the dealership two days later.A woman wanted to know how my "experience" was.She said that I would soon receive a email survey from Ford and she hoped I would give the dealership high marks.I gave my story again and she says Bob told her about it and they were working on it. I soon got the survey but did not respond. A week after the first call I called Bob again.Still working on it.Didn't have to give my story.I thanked him for his help and said I really hoped we resolve this issue. I got a reminder about the survey. Delete! Bob called two days ago and I was not optimistic. "When can you bring it in" "Thursday at 7am" "Fine" he says I show up a 6:55.Door is locked.Sign on door says service dept opens at 7:30. I go sit in the truck. Bob comes over about 10 mins later and says "Show me" I did. He says shop foreman will be in soon and I'll get back to you. I sit in waiting room. About 7:30 Bob comes over with the shop foreman who says show me. I showed him and told my story.He says "OK" hops in th TC and drives away to the bays. 10 minutes later he's back and says I'm all set. Finally done. No paperwork.No charge. The first tech did upgrade the BCM but did not find the proper box to check off in the program This was not a small dealership,but this was the first time dealing with this. I guess Ford is not very forthcoming about this issue.The service personnel are constantly playing catch up with the technology and it's not getting easier. Persevere,laugh,tell a story,be polite,come equipped with knowledge and don't piss anybody off. This can be solved. I filled out the survey and gave the the highest ratings. I hope they remember me.
  18. General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    215/65R16 works out to be 27" diameter. That may qualify you as putting the tallest tire on without a lift. Maybe even champion. That's a really tight fit on the front. I don't if you ever get the van in a bind with the wheels turned full on but it might rub then. But maybe not. I have a pickup that is really close like that and that is the only situation when there is any rubbing. Even then its not terrible so I don't worry about it much.
  19. General Grabber AT2 upgrade

    Nope, I haven't noticed any rubbing issues and they've had probably a couple thousand miles, I forgot the mileage when I had them put on... I did get around to calculating the odometer difference more accurately, going from my project house to the one I live in is 83.9 miles and the odometer read 79.2 miles, giving a ratio of 1.059 instead of 6.7% (1.067) like the online tire calculators claimed. I still need to get it into Ford to hopefully have them reprogram the tire size and also still need the door latch recall done. MPG's have been 20.5-23.6 (corrected for actual miles traveled) the couple times I've checked it and I'll be checking the next tank-full again. I was averaging around 24MPG with the original tires. Texas speed limits - and likely my short 11.5 mile work commute - have killed my MPG's compared to when I lived in IL (26-28 MPG average up there with the lower speed limits and 50 mile former work commute).
  20. 2014+ Lowering Springs

    Yes, for some a tall skinny tire has appeal where the next person may like a broader more robust tire. Some even like to have both at the same time just to make it interesting.
  21. 2014+ Lowering Springs

    I'm all for tall skinny tires:
  22. Good stuff, thanks for the info. Glad the parking beeper can turn off, but a bit of a bummer that the captains chairs are harder to find on the XLT. I'm hoping to find a cheap one with 50k+ miles that's maybe had the interior abused a bit so when I drop a mud bomb on it or rally it on braking bump covered logging roads I don't kill all the value of a perfect van. My vehicles tend to get, shall we say "well used", but I'm religious about maintenance of the important bits.
  23. 2014+ Lowering Springs

    The world would be a sad boring place without "odd". I like the wheel to protrude out past the fender but by virtue of a wide tire. A tall skinny tire, not so much.
  24. I don't have any problem maintaining the speed limit on any hill towing a 1500 pound trailer IMO, the 2.5L mated to the 6 speed automatic is an ideal combination with plenty of power yet it gets me 28+ mpg on the highway Don
  25. Four fullsize Americans? Nope. Look at something at least double the engine size.
  26. All vehicles have a gross weight rating. It is one of the specifications you need to consider when deciding, for example, between a small van and a full sized van. Seven fatties might weigh close to 1600 pounds. On the other hand, a petite soccer mom hauling 6 little kids might only weigh 500-600 pounds. Different missions may require different vehicles.
  27. I'd like to get a 2014 to 2016 TC LWB wagon for our family's next vehicle. But, I'm a little worried about the engine being powerful enough. I've ridden in an early 90's 4-cylinder Ford Ranger on freeways through the mountains of West Virginia, and that thing just could not keep its speed going uphill. It had a cap on the back and was probably 2/3 full of stuff at the time, and would drop from 65 or 70 down to 45 or 50 on long uphill climbs. Had to turn the flashers on and we had semi trucks passing us. Does anyone have experience driving a loaded TC uphill at 60 to 70 mph? Is the 4-cylinder able to keep up its speed when needed? Also, I noticed that the GVWR is only something like 1,000 to 1,200 pounds above the curb weight for the LWB version with rear seats. Does Ford not realize that 5 American adults can easily get to 1,000 lb? Am I reading it right that if we had all 7 seats filled with people it really can't handle any other weight? Thanks!
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