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  2. Locking easy fuel plug ?

    I have only used a few tankfuls (LPG mostly) so I have no good statistics but quite right, the needle drops pretty much in the first stretch of driving if I don't go crazy with multiple restarts. Never had fuel fumes in the cabin tho.
  3. Today
  4. Hello from San Diego

    I've had the rear doors blow into me on windy days. No fun, just pain! i thought you might be using that wood bar for adding a canopy over the rear doors at first.
  5. Locking easy fuel plug ?

    I, too, have noticed the gas smell when trying to top off. I actually started following Ford's advice from the owner's manual. Only click it once after the auto pump shutoff and then wait several seconds before removing the nozzle. No more interior gas smell. Even drips on the filler area cause the smell. i think the fuel filler moldings attached to the body panel in a poor design, allowing leakage into the interior of vapors if gas gets on the outside of the molding. Gas stench EVERY time if you use that adapter and a gas can. I no longer rotate my gas stocked in my gas cans with this vehicle.
  6. Locking easy fuel plug ?

    The refueling process on our van leaves much to be desired If you click on the pump handle and let it run and quit when the pump clicks off, it works fine, but if you try and add even a little more fuel (maybe to get to an even dollar amount) you end up with a gas smell inside the vehicle I'm not sure why this happens, because if you add the last few gallons v e r y s l o w l y you can easily get another 2 or 2 1/2 gallons more into the tank . . . . with no gas smell, but you've gotta do it very slowly and before the pump clicks off When it clicks off I drive maybe 20 or 25 miles and I can see the gauge come off the full mark, but if I slowly add the last few gallons, I can drive 50 or even 60 miles before the gauge comes away from the full mark - Anyone else notice this? There is obviously more room in the top of the tank when the pump clicks off - Why the gas smell in the vehicle when I try to add half a gallon more??? Don
  7. Hello Again

    Welcome back Windguy. I haven't done much more on my conversion, moved twice since last November, lol. But, I'll be rolling 62K on my 2015 van soon, maybe a week or two... I have the longest warranty Ford offers on our vans because of being financed.
  8. Site keeps logging me out

    I just logged in for the first time in a couple weeks and it only prompted for log-in once. That said, I only use the one computer to go on FTCF.
  9. Locking easy fuel plug ?

    The capless design will not allow a siphon tube to be inserted. A prepared thief could fabricate something that would work, but they probably aren't that clever yet.
  10. Locking easy fuel plug ?

    Is yours an Easy-Fuel capless neck?
  11. Having put off becoming homeowners, starting families and buying cars, leading-edge millennials – part of America’s largest demographic – are now beginning to act more like their baby boomer parents after all. View the full article
  12. Hello from San Diego

    Another accessory you might find beneficial is adding a keypad. Having a Ford vehicle gives you the advantage to their keypad option. See pic below. I put mine on the back door because it's most convenient when you get back to the van with your board under your arm. Not having to stash the key fob, which is always a sketchy thing to do, is really helpful. It's been documented that the crackhead thieves will watch you stash your key and then break in later stealing wallet and electronics. There is another thread regarding what to get and how to program it. Very easy to do. You'll love having it and being keyless at the beach. http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/2991-keyless-entry-keypad/?tab=comments#comment-8793
  13. Hello from San Diego

    thanks. I love my van. For the racks, I used all Yakima parts - tracks, risers, crossbars. I'll do a write-up with part numbers, pics and what I learned. The wooden stick across the barn doors in that first pic was my first prototype, that failed miserable. So did version 2. But version 3 has been working very well and I never modified the prototype version since it's working. My main reason for needing this is to keep the doors open when it's windy, which is why I'm at the beach most of the time to go windsurfing. Having the doors close on both my gear and me is a bummer so I really needed to have this. The version uses the existing locks to stay in place with enough flexibility to move with the doors back and forth a bit, but not too much. You release the holder using the door handles. Very easy to use. You could use this to hang wetsuits from but I might use a thicker piece of wood for that. Having this is a lifesaver for me.
  14. Anyone found a locking fuel plug for the 2016 transit connect wagon? I bought this one below but it doesn't fit .looking for the correct part or aftermarket but not having any luck ? Genuine Ford 8U5Z-9C268-B Fuel Filler Plug
  15. Yesterday
  16. It's very simple to do a basic setup to charge the batteries off the stock alternator. You can use an IBS relay and appropriate wire size for the run (there are calculators online for that) but I would run in line fuses at each end of the setup. https://www.sierraexpeditions.com/index.php?l=product_detail&p=2193
  17. The 2014's and later come with a 150 amp alternator, so there's certainly power available for other uses To recharge from 120 volt power, you'd need a battery charger capable of getting the job done. A 30 or 40 amp 'smart charger' like they use on boats is pretty expensive - $350 to $450. If you get one of those, you could install an inverter in your TC which would power the battery charger using alternator power A 750 watt inverter would put out enough 120 volt AC to run that sort of charger I mounted a 500 watt inverter in the aft compartment of my TC and I use it to recharge two Segways while we drive. Works like a charm! Don
  18. Ford Motor Company – building on its global promise to provide customers with affordable and capable electric vehicles – today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Anhui Zotye Automobile Co., Ltd., a major manufacturer of zero-emission all-electric vehicles in China. View the full article
  19. Hello from San Diego

    That's a sweet rig Windguy! I am definitely going to add a roof rack soon. Which racks do you have mounted? I also like the wooden rack rail you have mounted on top of the back doors. I'm assuming you use that to dry your wet-suit or towel?
  20. I would like to avoid having solar to charge four Optima D31M deep cycle batteries. Has anyone hooked up their alternator to charge their battery array? I would also like to have an option to plug in via an extension cord to charge as well. Any advice or tips would be appreciated.
  21. Hello from San Diego

    Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new van. Very nice! Thanks for sharing pics. I like the plastic wheel covers - kind of dresses up the van a bit but then again my color is silver so it matches nicely. No wheel covers means one less thing to lose when you hit a pot hole. I use my van primarily as a beach cruiser and it's very cool. See pic below. The door holder has been upgraded. Need to post about that too. I have cloth seats so I added seat covers made of some semi water resistant material. I often will get into the van to move it when I still have my wetsuit on not to mention all the food that ends up on my seat. You might be interested in adding some roof racks if you're carrying long boards or want to store the boards up top if you're camping in the back. I did so a few months ago, pic below, and plan to do a write-up about that, but there are a few threads already on the forum regarding racks. Lots of options. Looking forward to seeing how you customize your ride. Enjoy!
  22. Hello from San Diego

    I'm new to the forum and stoked about my new 2017 Transit Connect XL. I am using it to haul my surfboards and gear. I will also use it for camping. I plan to insulate the walls and ceiling soon. My first "mod" was removing the plastic wheel covers...poor man's black wheels! Haha!
  23. New to TC and new to forums

    No seat belts planned, but I'll leave the passenger seat as is.
  24. Hello Again

    That's funny. Dang, 56K miles is insane considering how little I drive my TC. Love it! You're about to exceed your warranty on miles vs time, which is much better in my opinion. To all - thanks for the greeting and updates regarding 'The Poster Formally Known As Toaster'. My curiosity has been put to rest though I have a sneaking suspicion he is still lurking this forum under a new alias.
  25. New 2016 from Dallas GA

    Welcome aboard Darin and congrats on your new to you TC. We're going to hold you to showing us some pics of your ride. The penalty for not doing so if very high. A round of beers for the forum is a big tab
  26. I can't suggest the best, but what I did for my retirement road trip connect (2013) is build a wood frame of compartments and the battery sits in one. There is a pic, 9th pic down in the link below, the battery sits between the AC and the refrig. I am now thinking to add a second in parallel. I decided to keep all my wiring separate from Ford's (except for the added backup camera). I used the chassis seat belt's mounting hole for grounding my wiring.
  27. New 2016 from Dallas GA

    Just picked up a 17K mile 2016 LWB Magnetic Grey. Ordered up Weathertech for front 2 seats and the and cargo liner for both rows folded flat. I picked up some Focus ST wheels on Sunday tires should be in soon. Will post before and after pics soon as the wheels go on.
  28. The access panel on the right side has a distribution box with lots of 12 volt access this could serve you purpose very nicely
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