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  2. TC dash screen

    The small screen is the instrument panel cluster (IPC). I doubt it could be swapped without changing some programming in the ECU (actually IPC and BCM modules). BUT..it would be awesome if someone tried. You will be on your own because Ford won't help. Maybe a scrapped Focus can donate one. Who knows if they are even the same size?
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  4. I saw #7 today!

    If I ordered a van ... and waited four months to be told I couldn't get it?!!? First thing I'd do is threaten Ford that my next stop is the local news stations, to scream about this kind of treatment. If they didn't do something to make it right, I'd keep screaming until it was a national news item. I'd make sure that I wasn't the only vehicle sale they lost. Second thing I'd have done ... go to some other brand to buy a similar vehicle. I like my T. C. ... but I'm not "married" to Ford or the T.C.
  5. I saw #7 today!

    #25 is now sitting in my driveway! (This is the count of what has been seen from my personal vehicle, not including those I saw from the work truck) Magnetic Metallic XLT 7-passenger with barn doors, trailer hitch & roof rack. (that's what I wanted on an XL) Airplane console, 17" mags & Sync (that's the stuff I didn't want) Global window opening (when it's been in the hot sun in the parking lot for 7 hours, this is NICE!!!!) Missing the electric defrost windshield. When Ford cancels your build after 4 months' wait, you scan the inventory of all the dealers & choose the one that comes closest to your needs. GK
  6. Hi All, just picked up a 2014 transit connect 200 limited and have to say I’m very impressed with it! we have a few 2017 transit custom trends at work and one thing I really prefer is the colour stereo screen. I know it provides no benefit such as extra features but I find it a lot easier to read. Does anyone know how easy it is (if possible at all) to swap out the blue low spec screen for a colour LCD one?
  7. Thanks for those part numbers. I decided I'll go ahead and be the forum guinea pig on these. With the Valeo info I found both for $131 total on eBay so it won't kill me if it doesn't work. It may take a while for shipping from Latvia (eBay estimates a month), but I'll post results once I get them and try to do the swap on my 2015 XLT Wagon.
  8. mrtn, at the grandparent level, the youngest to pass was 74 - paternal grandfather. He was born a bluebaby. He was shot in Germany in 1916. He went back to the battle & got hit with a mortar in '18 - he was placed with the dead on that day. They told my grandmother she was crazy to marry him in '23 - he was only gonna live 5 years. He met all his grandchildren! He died 50-1/2 years to the day after the WW1 medic gave him up for dead. The other 3 totalled 274 years... GK
  9. Man, you’ve splashed into a premium gene pool.
  10. Jacks

    Looks like etrailer.com tested a 2 ton bottle jack, with a Honda, and got the same results.
  11. My Grandmother is 93. Imagine when I have to pick her up in my arms like a child, and boost her into my F-150 w/ 6" lift kit & 35" tires. Or when I pull up to the front door of some senior center, and I have to get her down from up there. If I didn't have seniors in the family whom I transport, I would never have bought a Transit Connect. The same $$$ could have been spent on a Mustang, which is more to my liking, or a Honda Civic, which is better on gas. Unfortunately, I do not have the real estate to own and store all the cars that I would like to hord. What does Jay Leno have? An airplane hangar? That would be the ultimate dream. A warehouse big enough to store all the cars and motorcycles that you want, all the tools you need to play with them, and having all the time because you don't have to work.
  12. Wheel Size Question

    4 kids? How could you afford to take them all to McDonalds? With 4 kids, I wouldn't be able to afford going anywhere. They would be eating ground chuck (ground at home with my own meat grinder), and home cut fried potatoes. No extra fancy ketchup. Just generic catsup. And I don't care if they don't like hand-me-downs. Jr. would have to wear his big sister's jeans, grow his hair long, and just be a faux hipster.
  13. I've never seen a white trim piece. I think your best bet is to take off your trim piece, and paint it white.
  14. Funny how the receiver on this is a 2" - my pickup has a 1-1/4" receiver with a 3500 lb tow capacity. I like how the lighting plug is solidly fixed to the hitch, unlike the 6' snake in the bed of my truck. GK
  15. Wheel Size Question

    WOW, hadn't seen one of those in a very long time! I had an 84 model with the biplane rear wing and the telephone dial wheels. The later ones just had the lower rear wing. For it's day it was a very quick car. I disconnected the boost control solenoid which made it even quicker. Didn't have quite the acceleration of the Mustang GT but all it took to beat one was a slow launch or bauble by the GT - can't remember how I know that. They didn't have an intercooler which was the biggest problem. Oil from the turbo would would the mass air flow sensor. Mine had that problem but I didn't know it till years after I sold it. When I sold it my youngest son begged me to get it back. Selling it was THE single dumbest car move I've made! Bought a used Mercedes 190E from a friend and that turned out to be the WORST car I've ever owned. Traded it on a '91 BMW 318iS which was the best car I've owned. We had 4 kids so couldn't all go somewhere in my car, many times my wife volunteered to stay at home while the kids and I went to McDonalds. Thanks for bringing some good memories back.
  16. Welcome! Nice wagon, Good to get both the hitch and the roof bars. I don't leave the hitch in the receiver just so I won't bust my shin. Congrats on your parents, not many people achieve either of those.
  17. On the way home from the dealer, I swung by mom & dad's place to take them out to lunch. 67 years' married, 90 & 93 yrs old... I haven't been able to take them both out since dad gave up the Honda Odyssey 9 years ago. (The disadvantage of having a pickup truck for 10 years...) I wanted them to have the first ride in it. GK
  18. Yesterday
  19. I'd like to find a white trim piece like that. What is it called and where are you guys looking?
  20. To combat road noise

    That all factors in to pricing for Titanium trim level. Same car under the hood. More luxury.
  21. They are expensive for reflectors, but Ford makes them prohibitively expensive by charging a core charge equal to the price of the item. I am waiting for someone to return the black trim piece as the core to see if this is acceptable.
  22. Bust a shin on that hitch probably. Congrats on the purchase Jiquay.
  23. To combat road noise

    This has been discussed before. They're just decoration, not lights. You can order a pair and replace youself but they're really expensive, $50-60 a piece.
  24. Wheel Size Question

    XR4Ti was a Ford Sierra sold under Merkur brand. There were two models exported to US under the supposed luxury Merkur brand name: Scorpio and XR4Ti. I have also contemplated getting a Scorpio Ghia hatchback (the exact model that was rebadged). 2.9i engine with the A4LD transmission.
  25. To combat road noise

    Trim level. The more you spend, the more "bling" you get. Sort of like hubcaps over steel wheels, and rims. You pay more money, you get Ford Sync, instead of the AM/FM radio.. You spend more, you get the fog lights, instead of the blank plastic bumper filler. Notice how in your photos, one car has black plastic bumpers and trim, and the other car has paint to match the body?
  26. Alright! High 5. Now let's see what you do with it first.
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