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  2. Been a while...but fear not! The project rolls on... I ordered a shifter assembly from a Ford parts supplier in the UK: It looks awesome and I'm pumped about it. I also ordered a Mishimoto radiator to replace the OEM ST unit. My original radiator in my 9-2x was the same design as the OEM ST one - crimped on plastic end tanks - and cracked open on my one day. I'm not going to see that happen again. This week, Vaccar will be swapping the complete wiring harness from the ST into the TC. They are very close, but not quite close enough for comfort, and this will make sure we don't end up with some crazy electrical gremlin that is impossible to understand due to a mix of systems.
  3. Where did you get the Alupanel from?? This looks like a mod I wanna do
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  5. They have been around for along time .In lots of things , as the quality of the materials gets cheaper and cheaper. The use of Cvt transmissions will rise.
  6. I actually had a few EC5 connectors laying around so I made an EC5 to XT-60 adapter and successfully ran my 12VDC shower pump with this Antigravity battery pack! How cool is that? It has a 12,000mah capacity,,,can jump start any vehicle has usb ports on it for phone charging and a built in flashlight. It also has a cigarette adapter charger.
  7. hide-a-mat i had laying around the house. a bit wide but it might work
  8. My medium sized dog cage fits perfect (Crate in the picture is 30" x 19" x 21".) There's plenty of room for our larger crate in the back if need be.
  9. Opened up, the sleeping platform dimensions are 29.5" x 71"
  10. Yesterday
  11. anyone know what it costs to purchase the upper mounts and floor hooks? I'd like to have one of those.
  12. I once helped a guy compare the transmission configuration in my Toyota. His CVT belt blew due to lack of maintenance. He bought the car used and it had 280 000 km (175K mi) on the odo. He managed to source the original manufacturer of the transmission parts in China and got it running for a couple of hundred (did his own labor), including resurfacing the pulleys which got damaged by the belt chips. So it can be done and more so in the future when the novelty factor is gone.
  13. Not yet. The bike fits with the center console in place but i do take out the arm rest when i transport the bike. The front of the tire overhangs the console. If i ever get a bigger bike i plan to remove that and fit a wheel chock in its place. This guy did something similar with a 2011 model - http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/reviews/ford-transit-connect-xl-wagon-haulers
  14. I would agree with you that the CVT is a good match for a small engine without lots of torque *if* it's in a small car that you won't use to tow anything. It's an even more appealing idea if you regularly trade cars well before they see the 100K mark on the odometer, as even the latest, greatly improved versions have a history of failure before 100K miles. After the warranty expires, replacing it will be very costly - Many really good looking cars in the boneyard have failed CVT's and the replacement cost evidently wasn't worth it to the owner I wouldn't want one in a heavier car, or with any engine which develops plenty of torque - You don't see them behind V8's and for good reason. When they fail (not *if*) they usually cannot be rebuilt and replacing the trans typically runs between $3K and $5K USD. I would not buy one in a TC if it was offered - Too heavy and towing 2,000 pounds with one would be an invitation to failure Don
  15. http://fordtransit.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=139282
  16. My 2008 t230 transit has started to knock from the bottom end and I am looking to replace the engine. It is fitted with an r3pa engine and my question is that I have a 2007 cmax which also has a 1.8 tdci engine with engine code kkda. Can I simply swap the engines over or is it more complex than that
  17. Hi. I just wanted to say hi before I ask for help with my connects. Currently have a 2010 connect and a 2008 connect
  18. CVT is the best for small engines, IMHO. They're getting more and more common as well as the technology has matured.
  19. I believe the BCM monitors battery voltage & will "turn off" all accessories, including 12V outlet, if the battery voltage gets to a certain point. I have run the radio for 3+ hours several times while doing yardwork and stuff, without the key or engine and had no trouble (just gotta hit the power button on the radio every hour when it turns off). My old GPS was a pile and would randomly turn itself on sometimes, when it happened on a weekend it could sometimes run for 12+ hours and I'd have no idea. That said, the GPS never killed the van battery after turning itself on. I think you're worrying more than you need to. Reminds me of a buddy, he'll put his truck radio on at a party and then start the engine for a couple seconds every 30-45 minutes, lmao. I told him that cranking that starter and only running it 1-2 seconds uses way more juice than the radio does... Especially when he does it to his Cummins Dodge rather than his gas Chevy! I also told him that I run my radio for 3+ hours at a time with a battery half the size of his (or 1/4, in the case of the dual-battery Dodge), but he won't listen, lol.
  20. The Kuat racks need something like that for our TC vans. When I was shopping for racks, we put a Kuat on my TC, then loaded my MTB on the rack and the handlebar end was about an inch from hitting the rear liftgate window. My Thule XT Pro has better clearance then the Kuat and it tilts down, but swinging the entire rack away from the rear loading area is interesting. I would have to see one in person to really see how complicated it is.
  21. When I inquired it was $375. Then another $100-$125 to get it to Alaska. Kuat is coming out w/ something similar for $300 that I can get from REI so I have a place to return it if there is a problem. http://www.bikemag.com/gear/kuat-pivot-allows-2-hitch-rack-swing-away/
  22. Searching "Street Cat H11" shows this page. It says 4000 lumens each, so I guess they're old-stock 2015 version. Amazon Street Cat H11
  23. I've been getting this problem for at least a month now, just happened again a few minutes ago when I logged-in. It has also logged me out a couple of times when switching forums or pages, but not very often. I use the full website without Facebook (I don't think I even have the FB page 'liked' lol) on a laptop.
  24. Ford’s commitment to work with cities to improve transportation with more accessible, affordable and sustainable mobility services takes a big leap forward with the expansion of the San Francisco Bay Area’s bike-share program. View the full article
  25. I'm researching head units right now to put into my 2016. Guessing plenty of others have swapped out new/like new stockers as well. Can't imagine they go for much.
  26. I have a 2012 TC that was wrecked that I picked up cheap. All the damage was the front end (hood, bumper cover, headlights, rebar, grilles). There was no airbag deployment. However, something is happening with the radio. It is only static all the time. The on/off, volume, and tuning do not work. The only way to turn off the static is to take out the fuse. Any ideas on what it could be and/or where to start troubleshooting?
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