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  2. I have a 2012 TC that was wrecked that I picked up cheap. All the damage was the front end (hood, bumper cover, headlights, rebar, grilles). There was no airbag deployment. However, something is happening with the radio. It is only static all the time. The on/off, volume, and tuning do not work. The only way to turn off the static is to take out the fuse. Any ideas on what it could be and/or where to start troubleshooting?
  3. I did lots of research before buying our TC - The big question I needed answers to was did I want the 2.0 with the 4 speed auto or the 2.5 with the 6 speed. Hands down, that's a no-brainer, so we went shopping for a used 2014 or 2015 . . . . whatever we could get the best deal on - Once I did the research, we never looked at a Gen 1 We cruise at 2250 RPM at 70 mph and the torquey 2.5 can pull it OK up most hills without down shifting to 5th. 6th is a true 'overdrive' as 5th at 70 mph gets you 3,000 RPM and at that RPM it will pull just about any grade without needing to downshift again The fact that they advertise the transmission as 'maintenance free' is actually a good thing, IMO. If they don't expect transmission problems for those who bought the Ford extended warranty and don't do any maintenance, imagine how reliable it will be for those of us who are doing regular fluid changes. I do wish they had given us a dipstick to check the level though - The procedure we need to use is a bit labor intensive . . . . but then, it's only needed once every 25K The 6F35 was jointly developed by Ford and GM and it's an awesome transmission in my opinion. The ability to put it in any gear you like and keep it there has already come in very handy. Also, if you have the cruise control set and go down a steep hill, the computer will downshift automatically for more engine braking so you never exceed the speed you have it set for - I love that feature. I've never driven a better combination of small engine/transmission than the 2.5 mated with the 6F35. I'm 100% happy with it. I've driven several cars with small 4 cylinder engines mated to 4 speed transmissions and always found them lacking - You just need more gear ratios to get the best from small engines, even in small cars - Buying a 2.0 four mated to a 4 speed automatic in a 3500 lb van (maybe pulling a trailer, which we frequently do) would have left me kicking myself for not doing more research Don
  4. I like your bike choice,,,,,interesting tent setup on the roof,,,post more pics!
  5. Grounding in the headliner should work fine.
  6. Probably since they are the same generation / design. But I can't say so from personal experience.They do make some changes year to year but probably nothing big enough to change the floor physical layout.
  7. Yesterday
  8. That's cool! I wonder what it costs? Do you have one/?
  9. Just wanted to show off the TCLWB Installed some Thule bars and a Maggiolina Roof top tent, swapped interior lights to LED and thats pretty much it for now. We can use it as a daily driver and it sleeps 4 if we want to go camping and hit some trails
  10. If you would like an add on to swing the bike rack away from the lift gate check out http://rakattach.com/
  11. 4 bikes hanging off the hitch Roof top tent to sleeps 2 Fold down the seats sleeps 2 more
  12. Hi Don, Thanks for your detailed post. I have a 2014 Transit Wagon. Would you know offhand if your 2015 dimensions in the pdf you posted would be the same for a 2014? thanks, todd
  13. Don: Thank you for this post! I'm in the process of doing this and you're work has helped me greatly. I did just want to confirm on thing on the F-Z1 Fuse block. If I'm wiring some thing to the fuse block I don't necessarily have to run a wire from ground side right? If I have a grounding spot on the frame near what I'm mounting I can use that instead. Then I only have to wire the hot side from the F-Z1 Fuse block to an on/off switch (if desired) and the hot side of the device. Like you did I eventually want to send some power from the rear fuse box to the headliner in the front. But I can ground any devices in the header liner to the closest grounding screw. No need to go all the way back the F-Z1 fuse block. Right? Thanks! Tiller
  14. Not making fun of you Don, but this made me laugh so hard I fell out of my chair. I love when they say something never needs maintenance. I guess this is the results you get when you try to take a work van and try to cater it to the soccer moms. Glad I got the 2012 now. I really do not know much about the gen 2's. But if I ever have to get another work van I guess I will make the step up to the Transit instead. Maintenance free. lol
  15. Got the awning locked down, added the 3rd bike carrier, and threw the mattress in the back and secured it down with a ratchet strap. Now we are just down to small stuff. Added a couple of hooks for hanging things like helmets: I'm also using those hooks to bungee my cooler in place We also got 2/3 curtains done last night. Need to make another run to the fabric store to make the 3rd.
  16. Peter Godsell is vice president of Human Resources, Ford of Europe and Middle East and Africa, a position he has held since February 2017. View the full article
  17. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) will release its June 2017 U.S. sales results at approximately 9:15 a.m. EDT Monday, July 3, 2017. View the full article
  18. I quite clearly asked if the 215/45/18 was the same diameter as stock and then asked if going up "SLIGHTLY TALLER" would be a problem. Geezzz.........
  19. Thanks. I guess i should have clarified. I'll be swapping in a double din touch screen to add a back up camera and the bluetooth I don't have currently. I'll also be swapping out the stock front (component) speakers. NOT looking for "jammin sound", sub, amps, etc This is my work delivery vehicle so just good enough sound is fine. Stocker setup isn't awful to my ears but I really want the back up camera and to display cell phone nav on the display.
  20. Last week
  21. The 6F35 Select Shift 6 speed transmission used in the Gen 2's is completely different from the 4 speed in your early model. There isn't a transmission pan on the bottom that you can remove and the filter is buried deep within the trans so you cannot change it Supposedly it's a 'Lifetime Fill' transmission which requires no maintenance during it's 'lifetime' but if you want it to last as long as your TC, everyone (including your Ford dealer) recommends fluid changes every 25 to 30K and since fluid changes are so much less expensive than trans rebuilds, it's a no-brainer in my book - I really hate to throw away money on something that regular maintenance can prevent Don
  22. YES. Add the speakers, especially if the wiring is already there. I upgraded all 4 speakers on my 2016 basic stock stereo(standard SYNC). Today I tested the sound with just the front speakers then faded in the rear. The extra sound from the rear speakers greatly improved the sound. I will eventually add a sub and amp but for now the sound is good. FYI, I have component speakers with crossovers up front. They definitely need more power, but I think for the money and effort, adding a pair of $100 2-way speakers in back is a good upgrade. The stock head unit outputs about 20w per channel.
  23. I also went ahead and removed the bulkhead and started working on dropping the headliner for routing cables and stuff for another project I am also working on.
  24. Got all of the interior panels removed so I can easily run all of the antenna wires and such for the GPS and satellite radio. Also went ahead and pulled the factory radio as well.
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