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  2. TTIWWOP Welcome.
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  4. Nice looking conversion here. I saw on your site that the mattress is 42" x 72". That's almost long enough for me! It's about 3" short. On your pic above, where are the front seats positioned? Is there room by moving those seats up and building up an area, or having the mattress a little longer?
  5. Good evening all, just got my Transit Connect wagon yesterday. Looking forward to learning from you. I'm Eric from NY and I got the transit for the amazing utility. I ride bicycles a lot, and was sick of putting it in the trunk all the time. Now I don't even have to take a wheel off and the dog, bike, and baby all fit fine.
  6. FOR SALE: Van Camper Convertible Bed/Storage platform $650 OBO LOCATION: Arlington, VA- Custom made convertible storage / bed platform to suit a Ford Transit Connect LWB (2014- Present)- 3 boxes start as benches with a fold out platform to support a near queen size bed.- Made of 3/4 inch birch plywood. CNC cut to fit, affix the stock mount points on a transit connect via turnbuckles. So is easily removable.- Memory Foam Mattress with outdoor covers.- One of the boxes supports installation of a second auxillary battery with additional wiring if you were to install a low amp DC-DC charger. CAD plans are available if anyone is interested.
  7. Don't think you mentioned your reasons for the angled walls on your cabinets.
  8. I'm a crate fan myself as I think in an accident the danger of the dogs being thrown around the vehicles in the harness is more likely an issue than the crate collapsing. You'd have to have a fairly invasive crash to collapse most crates. Especially if the crates are kept more in the center of the vehicle. But even a low speed collision could toss the dogs around the cabin on the harnesses. But you have to do what you think is best for yourself and dogs.
  9. I installed a light on the rear cargo lift area to illuminate the ground and bumper area when the lift gate is up. I think you'll have a problem with trying to illuminate the actual interior cargo area via a light on the cargo lift gate. It will work and it will look good when you step back and look at it. But it won't work well when you are standing at the back of the vehicle and trying to see in the cargo area as your body and head will block a good portion of the light. To really light the interior properly I think you need a couple of lights mounted in the interior and headliner. You can see my cargo light on my build page.
  10. Dude, your van interior is nicer than the apartment that I had in college.
  11. Some people dream big. Highway tires with less rolling resistance. Better mileage.
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  13. How about a grille mesh some people have installed?
  14. Don, how thick was the plywood you used?
  15. When I was shopping for a TC and found many more vans being sold, I asked a body shop if they could install the side windows to a van that had solid sides. He said no because the doors themselves are different for the solid vs. windows. If that's the case, how could all have started off as wagons?
  16. Recently I discovered another, quite unexpected issue. I regularly make a drive through a small area where farms grow Alfalfa. This attracts huge numbers of grasshoppers. I knew that the hoppers were smashing into what I think is the the AC condenser inside the nose shell. But I never expected the numbers I discovered recently. My wife and I both started noticing a strong Alfalfa Odor in the garage. I knew it was the dead grasshoppers, which I regularly have to clean off the exterior - they have the same Alfalfa odor. I have tried to hose out the inside of the grill a couple times. Then we started to also detect a dead animal carcass type of odor. We thought there might be a dead mouse or lizard somewhere in our garage. We could find nothing, and at one point I got down and stuck my nose into the front grill and realized, much to my horror, that the dead carcass smell seemed to be coming from the smashed grasshoppers. I could find no other dead wildlife stuck inside the grill. I couldn't believe that insects would generate this kind of death smell! But apparently - if you collect a large enough mass of dead flesh, they do! Two or three forceful blastings with a water hose reduced, but did not entirely eliminate the smell (while making a mess of me), and now, after every trip through this area in the summer I am down on my knees blasting the grill with a water hose. It never completely eliminates the smell, but I can't see any other way to easily get inside the grill to completely clean it. IMO this is a MAJOR flaw in this design. Because of the low positioning of the front end it scoops up insects that would pass under most other vehicles, and getting inside the nose compartment to clean it out is virtually impossible as far as I can see. If you live in a farming area you might want to reconsider owning this vehicle!
  17. There's a sliding seal next to the brake light, is it in place?
  18. I have the Ford Dealership looking at it today, I will report back with what they find . They suspect the gasket around the up top center brake light .
  19. My barn doors have been tight, no leaks.
  20. Got the lights in that I posted earlier. It's like daylight at night! I have one left to install. I'm waiting for some cool looking buttons so I can have the two over the rear seats turn off and on as maplights in addition to turning on and off when the doors open. LOVE THEM!
  21. I have the same issue with mine, and I have the car doors.
  22. Nice job. I had a similar idea but yours looks better. Beats the hell out of the outrageous prices for after market crap. I've worked with unitstrut in radiology rooms and it a solid product. I want to use it to make a rail so I can mount an awning/canopy for various races I go to.
  23. Ford is revealing the industry’s first pursuit-rated pickup, the 2018 F-150 Police Responder, giving law enforcement agencies a more versatile and capable patrol vehicle. View the full article
  24. I can't tell you how helpful this post is. I just bought a 2014 LWB wagon and I need to clear the back to transport dogs. I had the dealer remove the seats for me, but he left those mounting brackets. After reading your post, I'll just remove the center ones. I still have to digest all this, but it's just what I needed. And thanks for the plywood template!
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