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  2. Sweet! Nice job finishing. What's next?
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  4. Nice Job. The fan is made for a travel trailer so it is plenty big enough for your TC.
  5. Removing this panel on dash

    If you go to Ford UK and get to the parts section the whole thing is most likely available
  6. I am dyslexic wait till it is dark and park 25 feet in front of a wall or garage door and you will know what to do, that is how I adjusted mine. Living in an area that has lots of wildlife on the road it is nice to get the light out further
  7. There are 13 pins in my EU trailer plug. Can be used with the 7 pin (old type) adapter and it also senses the trailer hooked up so you should be able to rewire it to your US socket.
  8. So which way is up? I'd like to make a slight calculated adjustment, not all over the place until I get it right. I have a fifty-fifty chance of being right. Mine are pretty good as they are. I've thought of adding the fog lamps but really just for fog. And I do like the looks of them. I run my fogs on the Outback pretty much all the time since I keep the daylight running lights on 100% of the time.
  9. Removing this panel on dash

    I'll probably pull that panel in week or two. It might be possible to "modify" and hinge the existing panel so it serves the same purpose. There are some nice dash switches available that I think could be mounted on that panel for easy access by the driver. One of those switched FZ-blocks that Don had posted about would fit in that space I'm sure. It's a short run to the battery for power for it. The wires could be worked down behind the dash maybe. Being able to open that panel easily would be nice for accessing any wiring needs or changes. I'm thinking something along the lines of this, but I'd want maybe even a lower profile. This would be mostly for extras like exterior floodlights, maybe additional interior lights since the stock interior lights pretty much suck.
  10. Removing this panel on dash

    I wonder if I could order that one part from Europe and if it would be a direct replacement? Assuming of course I order the hinge assembly with it.
  11. Removing this panel on dash

    Thanks Don!!!
  12. Removing this panel on dash

    Pull the panel directly towards the back of the van like you are sliding out a drawer. It is difficult to grab, but it will unclip and pull out.
  13. Removing this panel on dash

    Here is the link to the Thread on that panel and what they do in the EU http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/5243-storage-compartment-above-instrument-cluster/
  14. Back up camera angle changed

    I have a TC with the swing doors. My view has always included the rear bumper. I use mine for towing a lot and I use the camera to line up the hitch so the view of the bumper is very good. If some does find more focus options that would be very nice.
  15. Back up camera angle changed

    It always had a clear view without seeing the bumper. All of a sudden it changed and shows 2 blue lines & below them a minus sign & what looks like a magnifying glass which makes me think its in some kind of zoom mode ?
  16. ok, heres more of the install. wrapped this up yesterday, but it was late, and i was tired. lay up the flange and drill thru the holes into the adapter, and then thru the metal showing the holes drilled, i ran a light countersink to de-burr the holes Butyl tape on the underside of the flange, slight overlap of the corners (about 1/8") screw the flange down nice and easy..... also made wood blocks for the inside out of some old poplar i had hanging around. drop the fan in, note the wire in the bottom of the pic..... heat shrunk, and in "chinese finger trap" loom. runs thru the body to the right rear where my electrical is. installed/popped open height this thing REALLY SUCKS!!!!! so much air flow
  17. Before you panic raise the headlights with the yellow adjustment screw under the hood . It will make the headlight range much better.
  18. Our new 2017 TC Wagon had the rails but no crossbars. When picking it up from dealer I asked if we could work a deal on the crossbars since they are so expensive as an accessory. Turns out the dealers parts department had one that someone had ordered and never picked up. They charged me $250 which I felt was OK. I count myself lucky.
  19. Removing this panel on dash

    Has anyone removed the dash panel in front of the steering wheel? I understand that in some European models this is actually a small compartment. I'm interested in seeing if I can remove it so I can mount some switches on it and run the wiring down behind the dash. Thanks! Tiller
  20. Back up camera angle changed

    It looks normal to me, as that is the same view we are getting on our camera.
  21. So I'm new to the forum after lurking for awhile. Purchased a 2017 TC LWB Wagon Titanium in July and after much consideration of what was available selected the one we purchased that did not include the towing package. I did this mainly after seeing the hitch and a light interface module were available as accessories directly from Ford and figured it was something that could be more easily added unlike some other options like the heated windshield and traffic sensors etc. So after researching here and elsewhere it seems the accessory lighting module sold by Ford is quite different than the factory installed light interface module. I have the official instructions that were posted here and they do seem somewhat onerous to follow exactly. Having to splice the wiring in by soldering seems kind of crazy in this day and age. Also looked at several aftermarket modules (Curt etc) that have there own issues, mostly due to having the module installed on the left side of vehicle instead of the right (where the fuse box actually is). So I may use an aftermarket module for the short term as it is easily removable. I happend to stop by another dealer and looked at a 2016 commercial transit connect LWB that has a factory hitch and took a photo of the factory module and then went to the parts department to see what that part was and if it was available. They are doing some research for me now and I hope to hear from them next week. See attached photo The module has a part number printed on it DT1J-19H378-BD and that seems to cross to this part number(s) shown in second photo DT1Z-19H332-E or DT1Z-19H332-G (depending on production date). Still not sure what wiring is required. What is interesting is that the wiring does not seem to tie to the existing tail light wiring at all is is most likely a module on the CAN bus and gets its trigger signals that way. I wonder if this module also works in Europe where they use many more than 4 pins by default on trailer connectors. I also wonder if this is really required to get the automatic sensing of a trailer be connected to disable the parking and traffic sensors? So my big questions are these: Can the "factory" module be installed with the required wiring to a Transit Connect that did not have them from the factory? Can the "sway control" function be added/enabled regardless of what lighting module is used - Factory - Ford Accessory - Aftermarket ? Does anybody know what parts are required to add the factory setup if it is possible?
  22. Last week
  23. I have two Mitsubishi iMiEV's (electric cars) that came with excellent fog lights with DRL bulbs in them also. I got to looking and found these same assemblies are used in many other Japanese cars (other Mitsu's, Subarus and Hondas) and the fixture is also a bolt in swap for Gen 2 TC's. I bought a pair of the housings on eBay, installed LED bulbs for the DRL's and high power halogens for the fog lights and put them in the TC. I did have to run a new wire for the DRL's and I wired them into an unused fuse location in the under hood fuse panel. Better fog lights, combined with DRL's for about $100 Don
  24. I am disappointed with the headlights and fog lights in the Ford Transit Connect. They don't really provide much down the road lighting. I am a little frightened by the idea of retrofitting the headlights (too much money to replace if I screw it up). So, I thought I would try retrofitting the fog lights with projectors. This should throw some more light down the road without the need for opening up the headlight assemblies. I put this into the "replacing fog lights with driving lights" category. After researching similar retrofits, I decided to utilize projector fog lights using in the Ford Fusion, Flex, Lincoln MKZ, etc. around the 2009-2012 time frame. These seem to be very popular and get good reviews from most people, i.e. good lighting, good cut-off, etc. I have ordered some used projectors and they should be arriving next week. I will report back on how this goes once all the parts are in. In the meanwhile, here are a few links to other retrofits that led me down this path: http://www.focusst.org/forum/focus-st-appearance/31034-diy-how-ford-fusion-projection-fog-light-retrofit.html http://www.driveaccord.net/forums/154-audio-electronics-lighting/219633-projector-fog-lights%3B-ford-fusion-retrofit.html https://forum.miata.net/vb/showthread.php?t=543994 https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/ford-fusion-fog-light-retrofit-diy.407833/ Obviously the first link is the most similar to the Transit, but I am hoping to find a way to possibly keep the adjustment capability.
  25. Ford Motor Company Fund is adding its support to the people of Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands following a week of deadly natural disasters. View the full article
  26. I used a black, heavily textured pickup bed coating. Rolled it on with the panels removed. Has worked perfectly. Very tough. Think I posted photos in the interior forum.
  27. 2.5 breaks in

    I think any gasoline powered vehicle driven predominantly on the highway runs much better than one driven mostly around town - They 'load up' and don't 'clear out' until you get some high speed miles on them True story - I had an old Datsun 240Z that I was very familiar with and I took it to Germany when I was stationed there. I noticed after about 100 miles on the Autobahn doing about 90 mph it suddenly began to run much better - More pep and obviously a good bit more horsepower too. After 50 miles or so around town, that all went away, only to return after another long, fast run down the Autobahn. The difference was very, VERY obvious! We have two electric cars which do 98% of all our in town mileage and the TC pretty much only gets started when we're headed out of state . . . . we keep a trickle charger on it for weeks at a time. We average between 28 and 29 mpg on most trips, depending on the speed and terrain - We came really close to 30 one time on a 50 or 55 mph tankful. Anything driven mostly at the speeds it was designed for works much better, in my experience. Around town, stop and go is really hard on any gasoline powered vehicle - This is where EV's really shine . . . . their around town mileage is much, much better than their freeway mileage Best results are always driving something the way it was designed to be driven - The opposite of an EV around town? An empty pick-up truck with only the driver aboard . . . . tons of those around here! Don
  28. Happy to help! I should have added the most challenging part was actually removing the console up and around the parking brake handle. I also had to pull up on the handle as high as possible to get it to clear, and use some creative turning of the console to get it out and back in. It's possible, but you have to find the sweet spot.
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